Firstly we would to say a big thank you to all of our members that have accessed A Safe Space training, you’re all helping to keep our members safe.

For those of you that haven’t managed to get your training up to date, there is still time.

Next week you will receive an email from HQ because the compliance date is fast approaching so here’s what you can do to play your part.

Everyone on GO must do the Level 1 e-learning  just make sure you add your membership number at the end so that it shows on GO that you’ve completed it. It takes 20 minutes and helps you understand the code of conduct.

Lots of our members also need Level 2, which you can also do by completing an e-learning. This level focuses on risk assessment, an essential skill within Girlguiding and again can be done in just 20 minutes.

If your role requires you to complete Level 3 you’ll be able to do a live online training from Mid-September and bookings will be opening on Friday 4 September.  Find them on the Girlguiding Anglia website. You might also be able to apply for RPL if you are a designated safeguarding lead in your work role, read the guidance and apply with your evidence by emailing

Levels 1, 2 and 3 each last for 3 years and you will be automatically reminded about renewal 6 months before each one runs out.

Anyone requiring Level 4 will have been directly emailed by HQ and Girlguiding Anglia, please reply and ensure you’ve booked onto one of the sessions.

If you are not sure what level you need please check here or contact your district commissioner for advice.

Our trainers are working very hard to bring you lots of Level 3 sessions until the end of 2020 (well, mid-December) and deserve our thanks for the extra mile they are all going to keep guiding safe.


Thank you.

Fiona Joines

Trainer Qualification Coordinator

Hello everyone.

The summer is almost over, and we are looking at the start of a new term with new adventures in guiding.  August has flown by and certainly provided me with some challenges, not all guiding ones but here is one I would like to share. It was my brothers birthday a few weeks back and we had a family BBQ to celebrate. I asked my brother what dessert he would like me to make and he said “Black Forest Cheesecake!”  Of course I said “sure, yes”- thinking, I’ve never made one, it’s got to be easy right? Well in fact it wasn’t difficult after all and if I say so myself it was delicious! It made me reflect on that guiding postcard GIRLS CAN….

This term and indeed next year, we are going to face challenges, but I believe if we work together, we can get through these unpredictable times by keeping our guiding light strong and offering guiding to all our members. Now that we can meet outdoors, I encourage all of you to think about how you might be able to do this safely. I know that lots of leaders have already successfully offered this which is great to hear, you can take a look at the latest guidance and risk assessment assistance.

As virtual guiding continues, we will carry on thinking about blended ways of offering our programme. We hope that joining up with other units, sharing ideas and supporting each other to deliver virtual meetings are all possibilities for our members. Helping and supporting virtually can be a phone call to a leader we haven’t seen in our district for a while and working together so that all our girls can take part in the next term.

As we prepare for the new term, I have a challenge for you. Have you completed the necessary levels of A Safe Space training you need? Every member is required to complete level 1 and 2, they are available online and take approximately 20 minutes each. Everyone needs these levels, then level 3 at least one volunteer per unit and level 4 for our commissioners. Girlguiding values its members and wants them to be protected and have the knowledge to keep themselves and all our members safe. You can find all the new A Safe Space updates here.

I encourage all of you to please ensure you have completed the levels you need prior to the compliance deadline.

Keep smiling, stay safe,

Tracy  Foster

Region Chief Commissioner