Hello everyone,

This month we start with a new challenge on our calendar of activities with the RSPB, why not try the mud monsters suggestion, get muddy and have fun! Add link to calendar.

On the 8th March we celebrate International  Women’s Day, on the main Girlguiding website is list of 11  great activities we can do with our units. These ideas can compliment the programme and also link to UMAs or Skills Builders to take the activities further. Can your girls think of women who have inspired them? Why not find out inspirational or famous women in your local area, you may well be surprised who you discover! Girlguiding have listed 20 women who have changed the world, take a look at the list and see whose there.  Have you heard of these 20 women who changed the world? | Girlguiding.

Are you ready to take on a something new? A new opportunity? There are vacancies coming up on our executive committee. We are looking for two grassroots members. This is a great opportunity to join the group of trustees and work together to shape our region over the next few years. More information can be found here. Please do get in touch of you want to have a chat about these exciting opportunity. We have other vacancies, so if the trustee role doesn’t sound like you, check out our other vacancies.

Have you recently completed your Queens Guide Award and would like to support others? We are looking for a coordinator to support the Queens Guide leads in the 12 counties who in turn support those completing their Queens Guide award.

As always, take care, keep smiling.


Continuing this month with our ‘everyday happiness’ theme, how did you do with your small resolutions? Were there any ‘putting yourself in someone else’s shoes’ type of thoughts? Thinking about other people around us can start with family and friends and may branch out to the girls in your unit, your fellow volunteers locally and those who support your volunteering.  

Maybe you spend a lot of time taking others into consideration. Balancing that by taking yourself into account is the challenge. So how do we keep an eye out for the younger people around us? Volunteering in Girlguiding means you are passionate about helping young people to find their potential and grow. One of the areas you take care of is, of course, your girls’ health and wellbeing. There are some great tips on the Young Minds website.

There’s a useful list of tips from the ‘Better Health, every-mind-matters section’ on the NHS website to support children and young people including:

  • Be there to listen 
  • Stay involved in their life 
  • Take what they say seriously 
  • Support them through difficulties 
  • Encourage their interests 
  • Build positive routines 

You can read more here: nhs.uk/every-mind-matters

Some of these remind us of the Girlguiding values. 

And what about those people further afield? World Thinking Day has just happened and at this time we think about all those involved in Guiding across the world.

Stepping into others’ shoes as we consider the international aspect of Girlguiding.  

If you missed it read the first blog in the series here.

Come and join us

We currently have a number of exciting opportunities for our members to get involved in region project teams. It would be amazing to hear voices from across our region and give members the opportunity to shape future events and challenges, or get involved in developing an idea or strategy.

You told us, we listened.

You might be aware that we’ve advertised for some of the roles below previously, well we didn’t get much response, so we asked for some feedback. You told us that our application packs were too in depth for a project team and that the reference process was quite off putting.

So here’s what we’ll be doing moving forward:

For non region committee roles:

  • We’ll share all region opportunities in one place so you can see what takes your fancy.
  • If you’re interested, email us at vacancies@girlguiding-anglia.org.uk and tell us which role interests you and why.
  • We’ll email you back with key information on the project and the responsibilities of the role.
  • We’ll also ask you permission to approach your local commissioner for a reference.
  • If all parties are happy to move forward we’ll invite you to a kick off meeting for the project

For region committee roles:

  • All opportunities will be shared in the same place.
  • These roles hold more accountability and responsibility, but give a great opportunity for you to really make a difference in how the region is run.
  • If you’re interested in taking on a committee role, email us at vacancies@girlguiding-anglia.org.uk and tell us which role interests you and why.
  • For these roles there will be an application pack, but we are, following feedback, reviewing the content and looking at ways to make the process easier.
  • We will ask for permission to contact your local commissioner or a suitable alternative.
  • Once we have received your completed pack and reference, Tracy Foster, Chief Commissioner, will contact you to discuss your application further.