Chief Commissioner Blog

Hello everyone,

Autumn has definitely arrived with a slight chilly feel today, however the sun is shining, and the wonderful colours autumn brings is always spectacular. I’m sure many of you, like myself have enjoyed getting back to indoor guiding and being able to offer much more to our girls. As I write this the deadline for our 50th birthday card swap is fast approaching, and I know we have received a vast number. Thank you to all those who have taken part and I’m sure you are all looking forward to receiving a birthday card from the swap.  Many of you are planning to celebrate with an “Amazzzing Birthday party” (yes spelt with three Zs) with your units, perhaps district or division or even beyond. The Party pack is available to download and has everything in you need to plan your party, with a variety of activities, crafts, and much more!

You will have recently seen the announcement of the membership subscription figure from Girlguiding, and I confirm our region membership subscription remains at £10 once again. We have subsidised the income needed by making the best of our investments and utilising our reserves. Careful financial planning has taken place and this is replicated across all our counties too. Further information about Girlguiding’s own membership subscription, how and what this covers can be found by following the link. Girlguiding Anglia Membership Subscription | Girlguiding Anglia (

As a region we’ve also produced a document which helps hopefully to explain how we have decided on the income needed, we have considered all aspects of delivery, resources and balancing this against the impact on all our members. I do not want any unit to worry about being unable to find funding to pay for their membership subscription payment. Please reach out to your county, as they have sustainability grants available to assist units at a difficult time.  With many units only just going back there may be limited income so please do reach out as early as you can.

Buzz about Anglia, the BEE AMAZING theme is our last spotlight, but there is still time to complete the whole challenge. There have been many inspirational and amazing stories regarding our members achievements and goals linking to this challenge. I have seen brownies writing books, a Power Point to invite new members, Rainbows baking cakes and fundraising, and so much more. You will have seen an inspirational story from one of our region trainers, Fiona, who has set herself a target of running two half marathons and is about to take on her second, please check out her story on the website. Good luck Fiona. Many of you taken part in activities and challenges throughout this year, and thank you for sharing these. Something I was involved in locally was “Bee Giving”, assisting another leader in the district Gill and her husband Dave, who is also a member, who have spent time litter picking around the local church and its land, which is where the local brownies and guides have met whilst unable to meet indoors. Both giving time and certainly keeping our promise, and doing a good turn!

The promise is something that is integral to guiding and it’s amazing how many times I reflect that this has become an integral part of what we do with our ongoing commitment and dedication to the girls and young women across the region. So once again, I want to say thank you to each one of you for everything you are doing keeping your guiding light shining bright across the region.

Take care, keep smiling