UK Parliament Week 2021

We are shocked and saddened to hear of the recent death of MP Sir David Amess. He was an MP in our region and touched the lives of our members in his constituency. Sir David was a great advocate and supporter of UK Parliament Week and in acknowledgment to this, we continue with UK Parliament Week in honour to his past contributions.

This year, Girlguiding has launched a set of UMA’s which are available to download from the Girlguiding website, there are also lots of fun and engaging activities available on the UK Parliament Week website in the resources section. Check out all the activities here:

If you are not too sure where to begin…You can start off with the Parliament Bingo activity! We think this will be a popular choice. To help get you started, we have created a bingo card template that you can download and print, or equally use as inspiration to create it yourself with your unit. You can find the Bingo template here to download: UK Parliament Week Bingo template | Girlguiding Anglia (

There are lots of other activities you can do during UK Parliament Week (UKPW) which can be found in your UKPW booklet or online.

In the booklet you will find a variety of activities suitable for all sections including:

  • Disco Vote
  • Campaign Crafts
  • Parliament Scavenger Hunt
  • Mini Campaign Trees
  • Make a change rainbow
  • Chilli Seeds – use them to sow the seeds of change and watch them grow

On the UKPW website you will find:

Additionally, if you have access to screen devices in your unit, take a virtual trip to explore the chambers of the House of Commons and the House of Lords using the 360 tour of parliament which can be found here:

This can be a great opportunity for girls to immerse themselves into the reality of the lives of MP’s and help them visualize how their voice can lead them to speaking in parliament one day too.

Taking part in UK Parliament Week gives our members the opportunity to gain an understanding of what democracy is, how their UK Parliament works and how they can get their voices heard.

Choose activities to suit your girls, from getting creative with crafts, and runaround games to debates and voting on issues that are important to them.  If young members feel passionate about a topic, UKPW gives them the space to speak out and raise their opinions, understand the role campaigning and petitioning has in shaping our UK democracy day to day.

Throughout UK Parliament Week, please do take photos and send them to us, as we love to see all your UKPW activities. Don’t forget to share them on our social media channels using the hashtags #UKPW and #HaveYourSayGGA

Get informed + Take action = make an impact