Blog / March 25th, 2021

Buzz about Anglia – Bee A Leading Light

In January 2021, we launched our ‘Buzz about Anglia’ challenge to celebrate our 50th birthday. The challenge includes 6 themes, you can find more about the challenge and the idea behind it here Buzz About Anglia challenge.

Bee A Leading Light is one of the 6 themes and will be the focus for the months of September and October. However, for those members that want to get this theme completed before then or wish to plan long term, we have selected a number of activities to get you started.

Bee a Leading light – Lead the way on those things that are important to you or those around you.

This theme encourages our members to lead by example and speak up on the things that matter to them. You can use the suggested activities within this blog to inspire you, but also feel empowered to come up with your own suggestions and make it your own.

If you are doing this as a unit or group, ask your members what they would like to do. Don’t worry if it’s something you know nothing about, there will be advice available to you and people who can help.

Activities you can do this September to October:

50 years timeline 

Check out our Girlguiding Anglia’s 50 years timeline which displays inspiring moments in history for our region. This shows important events and inspiring members starting from 1971 right through to 2021, demonstrating how together we can inspire for yesterday, today and tomorrow. You can find this interactive timeline by clicking this link here: 

Alternatively if you would like the paper copy version of the timeline you can click here 50 years timeline – Non interactive version | Girlguiding Anglia (

The unit activity associated with timeline is to download the 50 years timeline and offer the girls to read and interact with the timeline. At the end, appoint the girls to write on a post-it-note what they found the most inspiring about the timeline. Once everyone has written their post-it-note, take a photograph of the units post-it notes gathered together and send your photograph in to, where we will post it onto our regional social media. Alternatively, you can post it on your county or personal social media and tag us! 

Leading Light Anglia Star Word Art

To embark upon the idea of what is considered ‘inspiring’, you can download this file and print it off for girls to complete in the units. Leading Light Anglia Star Word Art | Girlguiding Anglia (  On the sheet, the girls are asked what they consider to be inspiring, this can be a quality/name or word in association to this. For example, a quality such as ‘Bravery’ or perhaps a name like ‘Emeline Pankhurst’. There are no wrong answers. In the second section of the sheet, the girls are asked to write what their future aspiration is, this could be what they aspire to be when they grow up. A record sheet is downloadable for unit leaders to print and fill. This record sheet is designed for unit leaders to fill in what each girl in the unit have individually written down on their sheet.   This record sheet should then be forwarded to the, where everybody’s inspiring words from the region will be placed in our Leading Light Anglia Star. You don’t want to miss out on being placed on our Leading Light Anglia Star! 

Leading Light Queen 

Leading up to Remembrance Day, Girlguiding Anglia dedicates a mention to our current patrons the Queen and Sophie the Countess of Wessex. These are two important Leading Lights, as they are very inspiring. For this activity, units can individually make creative piece about what makes the Queen inspiring, using an art medium that expresses their voice the most. This can be in the form of a poem, painting, or an art piece. It is encouraged that this artwork can contribute towards minutes for a creative UMA. Click here to use some example templates if needed.  Queen Art Activity Templates | Girlguiding Anglia (

Other things you can do:

Look at the environment and think of ways you can make small changes to help. Useful Unit Meeting Activities (UMA’s) to support this are:

  • Rainbows – Natures Neighbours

  • Brownies – Trash fashion

  • Guides – Carbon Calculator

  • Rangers – Plastic Fantastic

Or why not create your own environmental challenge? Some ideas are: 

  • Litter pick.

  • Garden tidy.

  • Talk to local councillor/ parish council to see what support you can give to the local environment.

  • Do some research in to recycling and ensure you’re recycling everything you can. Share your new knowledge with family and friends.

  • Contact a local environmental charity and find out what you can do to support them or raise their profile.

Why not offer support to something that’s important to you?

  •  You could make contact a local farm or zoo or wildlife park?

    • What challenges are they facing?

    • How could you show support?  

    • Could you do some promotion for them on your local Facebook groups?  

    • Could you do a fundraise for them?  

    • Could you arrange to visit them as a unit for a trip?

  • Take part in a Pride event – either a virtual event or a face to face one. There are lots of Pride events running across our region this summer and numerous ways to get involved.

  • If you think recycling is a good idea, why not set up a recycling initiative with your unit?  You could collect bottle tops, crisp packets, cans, newspapers etc  

  • You could pledge to do something differently for a month – less food packaging, more walking, more recycling.

  • Your meeting venue might need a little tidy up, could your unit help out with this?

  • You could look at taking on a new role in guiding and help others by sharing your knowledge and expertise.

Don’t forget to try and share your stories with a local paper or on social media to be a local leading light for your community. Media and communications support is available within your county or at region level if you need it. Remember to always have permissions to share other peoples images and information.

Download our challenge record sheet here to keep track of which themes you have completed.

You can find the Buzz About Anglia challenge badge here.