Blog / March 25th, 2021

Buzz about Anglia – Bee Adventurous

you can find a downloadable version here.

In January 2021, we launched our ‘Buzz about Anglia’ challenge to celebrate our 50th birthday. The challenge includes 6 themes, you can find more about the challenge and the idea behind it here Buzz About Anglia challenge.

Bee Adventurous is one of the 6 themes and will be the focus for the months of July and August. However, do feel free to complete this theme at anytime as long as it’s by the end of the year.

Bee Adventurous – Have a new adventure or try a new activity.

This theme encourages members to try a new adventure. All adventures are different, it could be an indoor or outdoor activity, it could be visiting somewhere new or simply a different walk. You can use the suggested activities within this blog to inspire you, but also feel empowered to come up with your own suggestions and make it your own.

If you are doing this as a unit or group, ask your members what they would like to do. Don’t worry if it’s something you know nothing about, there will be advice available to you and people who can help.

Bee Adventurous Activities

1. A walk in the park.

Learn the name of 3 trees you hadn’t identified before.

Look out for any wildflowers in bloom?  Can you name them?

Are there any birds singing? Write down all the things you can hear, see and smell.

2. Walk Further!

Girlguiding Anglia have their own walking scheme to encourage members to get outdoors and keep active. Take a look at our recent blog for more information and inspiration.

3. Explore Anglia

Using a map, either a paper one or virtual, select an area of our region you haven’t been to.

Do some research about the area:

Where would you like to visit?

Where could you buy sweets, a coffee or lunch?

From your map could you find the toilets?

Plan a day trip to the area, listing what you would need to take with you, how you would travel, what you would see and who you would go with and why.

4. A new adventure everyday.

Try something adventurous everyday for a week. You could choose things like:

  • wear a different hair style.

  • walk a different way to school or work.

  • try a new food.

  • listen to a new piece of music or band

  • learn something new

  • try a new dance move

  • learn a new knot

5. Complete the Girlguiding Anglia’s ‘Outdoor Challenge’.

Take a look at the region’s freshly updated Outdoor Challenge and have a go at either completing it all or just use it for inspirational ideas. There is a badge available through the region shop if you do complete the full challenge. You can find the challenge pack here.

6. Have a go at Girlguiding LaSER’s ‘Together with Nature’ badge.

In partnership with the RSPB, Girlguiding LaSER have launched a fantastic nature challenge, take a look here, Together with Nature.

7. Celebrate our adventure heroines.

Who is your favourite female adventurer?

Once you’ve thought of someone or even several people, get creative and put together a piece of artwork or writing that celebrates them and their adventure achievements.

Don’t forget to share your creative work with us either on our social media channels or email us at If you choose to write something about your favourite adventure you could link it to our Rhymes, Riddles and Rambles challenge and earn yourself an extra badge.

Download our challenge record sheet here to keep track of which themes you have completed.

You can find the Buzz About Anglia challenge badge here.