Blog / March 25th, 2021

Buzz about Anglia – Bee Giving

In January 2021, we launched our ‘Buzz about Anglia’ challenge to celebrate our 50th birthday. The challenge includes 6 themes, you can find more about the challenge and the idea behind it here Buzz About Anglia challenge. There is also a download available here.

Bee Giving is one of the 6 themes and will be the focus for the months of May and June. However, for those members that want to get this theme completed before then or wish to plan long term, we have selected a number of activities to get you started.

Bee Giving – Give your time or generosity to others or your community.

This theme encourages our members to support those around them, family, friends, community. You can use the suggested activities within this blog to inspire you, but also feel empowered to come up with your own suggestions and make it your own.

If you are doing this as a unit or group, ask your members what they would like to do. Don’t worry if it’s something you know nothing about, there will be advice available to you and people who can help.


Bee giving with family and friends.

Lend a hand

Make a pledge to give your help without being asked on five separate occasions for at least two days. It would be great if you could do even more.

Why not draw around your hand and colour in a finger or thumb each time you lend a hand. Take a photo of your decorated hand and send it in to the region so we can share your achievement,

Make a treat

Why not make a treat from your friends or family? Chocolate brownies, sandwiches for a picnic, cheese scones, a cup of tea, biscuits or any sweet treat. What ever you decide we are sure it will be yummy, don’t forget you can always share your treats with us at

Here are some simple recipes to inspire you:

Hautbois Cheese Scones

Mary Berry’s Brownies

Download our challenge record sheet here to keep track of which themes you have completed.

Once you’ve completed your challenges for all six themes you can find the Buzz About Anglia challenge badge here.