Blog / March 25th, 2021

Buzz about Anglia – Bee Giving

In January 2021, we launched our ‘Buzz about Anglia’ challenge to celebrate our 50th birthday. The challenge includes 6 themes, you can find more about the challenge and the idea behind it here, Buzz About Anglia challenge. You can download the theme pack here.

Bee Giving – Give your time or generosity to others or your community.

If you are doing this as a unit or group, ask your members what they would like to do. Don’t worry if it’s something you know nothing about, there will be advice available to you and people who can help.

This theme encourages our members to support those around them; their family, friends and community. You can use the suggested activities within this blog to inspire you, but also feel empowered to come up with your own.

In our Promise, we promise to do our best and also to serve our community. This theme is about giving your time or generosity to others. There are many Skills Builders and Unit Meeting Activities (UMA’s) that fit within this theme. Here is a list of Interest Badges this theme can also support:

Rainbows: Recycling, Nature and Healthy Minds

Brownies: Charities, Grow your Own, Zero Waste and Mindfulness.

Guides:    Upcycling, Conscious Consumer and Mediation.

Rangers:   Morals and Values, Volunteering and Self Care.

Trefoil Guild:  Action and the Together theme of the Stars Challenge.

Additional Activity Ideas

Be giving to others:

Research a local charity and find out how you can support them; perhaps volunteer your time or promote what they do. There are many charities across our region that would love your support. Find one that matches your interest or passion, this could be health, the environment, or wildlife. You could invite someone from the charity to talk to your unit about what they do.

Here are some suggestions:

Support AGE UK

Every year, an army of woolly warriors take up their knitting needles and crochet hooks as part of the Big Knit for Age UK, and you could join as part of the Bee Giving theme.

AGE UK and Innocent Drinks have been working together since 2003, by asking individuals to knit little hats for the tops of Innocent smoothie bottles. Every hat knitted raises 25p to help Age UK provide much-needed services and support to older people.

A little hat can make a big difference.

Visit the Age UK website here for 3 steps to becoming a Big Knitter.

Shoe box appeal

This is usually done at Christmas but you can start making your boxes at any time of the year. There are lots of charities that collect boxes of goodies to take to families abroad and in the UK.

The Samaritans have a great step by step programme on the best way to pack your shoebox which you can find here.

Support your local foodbank

You could collect food donations, or raise awareness. Often people from foodbank challenges are very willing to come and talk to units, which would also be an excellent opportunity to provide donations and thank them for the vital work they do.

You can use this food bank search on the Trustell Trust website to find your closest drop off point.

Support your local safe refuge

Many local safe refuges are asking for your help to make essential care packages for women and children to use on arrival. These packages contain things such as hairbrushes, toothbrushes and toothpaste, unopened makeup and sanitary products. If you can’t find a refuge local to you, you can take a look at the Buddy Bag Foundation.

The Buddy Bags are stored and distributed to refuges in the UK who deal with children who have been victims of abuse. Each participating centre will keep a stock of Buddy Bags which can be handed to children when they are placed in emergency care.

Support Young Minds

We all need to ‘bee giving’ to ourselves, taking time to look after our own mental and physical health. You can find activities from Young Minds here and find out more about mindfulness here.

 Make a card

Make a card and send it to someone you are missing, a friend, a guiding member or a relative. Or perhaps you could make cards in your unit for a local care home or local emergency services, showing your appreciation for our key workers in the community.

 Perform a random act of kindness

This could be anything that you think might help someone else or make them smile. Making a cup of tea, a sandwich, sending a letter, baking a cake or just calling by to have a chat on the doorstep or a socially distanced catch up in the garden.

 Design a positive message pebble

Next time you’re out walking why not spend some time looking for the perfect pebble to complete this activity. You can design your pebble with a bright and colourful design and be sure to include your positive message. You can keep this as a keepsake for yourself, give it to someone as a gift or leave it in the park or public area for others to admire.

You can check out this resource on the RHS website for tips and tricks.

Bee giving to the environment

Adopt a space

Find out if there are any public places in your local area that you could adopt. Brighten it up by planting flowers or bulbs. Ask local garden centres if they could support you on your mission.

Go greener for a month

Spend a month focusing on reducing your plastic usage, go litter picking in your local area, use a compost bin where you can or adopt a meat-free diet.

Link with environmental charities

Undertake a challenge and explore some conservation charities. You could help the Woodland Trust, RSPB or Wildlife Trust.

Make your garden more bee, butterfly or bird friendly

Here are some ideas for ways you can give back to nature


Upcycle a piece of furniture or item of clothing to stop it going to landfill, if you are a Guide you could also combine this with the Upcycling badge.

Carry out a litter pick

Litter pick in your local area, perhaps near where your unit meets. Or why not join a beach clean if you’re near the coast?

Remember to do a full risk assessment, particularly around briefing girls about what is safe to pick up and what is not. Consider things like gloves and litter pickers.


Bee giving with family and friends

Lend a hand

Make a pledge to provide your help without being asked on five separate occasions. A fun way to keep track of this would be to draw round your hand and colour in a part every time you lend a hand. If anyone does this, don’t forget to take a photo and send it to us here at the region office,  so we can inspire other members also taking part in this challenge.

Make a treat

Why not make a treat from your friends or family? Chocolate brownies, sandwiches for a picnic, cheese scones, a cup of tea or any treat that you would love to share. Whatever you decide we are sure it will be yummy.

Here are some simple recipes to inspire you:

Knit a heart

You could knit a heart and send it to someone you haven’t seen for a while to let them know you are thinking about them. Another alternative would be to send a heart to a local hospice. Learning to knit can be quite an adventure!

Bee Giving in guiding

Hold a joint event

Hold a joint event with another unit, a different section, or a trefoil guild. You could take this time to share ideas, activities and develop opportunities together. This could be a chance to share the fun and friendship within guiding.

Share the fun and welcome new members

Share the fun that guiding can bring by popping a poster in a local park café or shout out about guiding to your non-guiding friends on social media. Be ready for new members to arrive and greet them with a warm welcome and a smile. Leaders, if you need help with posters, you can talk to your county office or growth and retention coordinator.

Download our challenge record sheet here to keep track of which themes you have completed. 

Once you’ve completed your challenges for all six themes you can find the Buzz About Anglia challenge badge here.