Reaching Out Virtually to Everyone with a badge including a laptop, microscope and tent



Reaching Out Virtually to Everyone (ROVE) 2021

Date: June 12th 09:00 - June 12th 16:00

Venue: Eventbrite and Zoom

06/12/2021 9:00 am - 4:00 pm Eventbrite and Zoom

Bookings closed now however click read more to see our FAQs for the event.

You should have had an email from with your own personalised programme. If you haven’t, do check your spam and junk folders before getting in touch. (see question below)

Q: Where can I get the handouts after my session?

A: Have a look at your email with joining instructions, it has a link to the handouts folder. You’ll also be sent this in your follow up email after the event. You can go in to the handout folder and download a copy to your computer.

Q: What is Chill and Chat?

A: This is a zoom call which will be running at designated times of the day that you can pop in and out of. Just like a real lobby at an in person training day. You can ask the host to set up a breakout room if you want to talk in smaller groups.

Q: When can I get into the training?

A: Sessions will open 5 mins before the start time.

Q: Why is there half an hour between sessions? Surely we only need 10 mins?

A: Many of our trainers are very kindly running multiple sessions for us. They need to finish up and close down the first session (5-10 mins depending on questions), take a short comfort break and walk around (5-10 mins, please keep in mind that they cannot move from the computer while training and need to stretch their legs) and then get set up and start the next session (5-10 mins).

Q: Why do some of my trainers not have their cameras on?

A: Virtual and face to face training are similar but have some differences. When training virtually, trainers are juggling multiple inputs at once, they have their training notes in paper or electronic form in front of them, they are driving their screenshare, they may be using multiple screens and they may be sitting or standing depending on their preference and set up. This may mean that their webcam doesn’t actually point to their face, it may be at the side or at their midriff, so many trainers may chose to not have it on.

Q: Can I see the starting and closing videos without having Facebook or Twitter? 

A: Yes they are being released on YouTube and are accessible to all. You can subscribe to updates on our YouTube channel here.

Q: How do I use Zoom? 

A: Please have a look at this handy guide on using Zoom as a participant during trainings. You can also get help on this playlist.

Q: What should I wear?

A: It would be great if you were in your Girlguiding uniform, but any comfortable, appropriate clothing is good.

Q: Do I have to use my camera and mic?

A: During some sessions your mic will be muted for you and participation will be via the chat function. During other sessions, you may be asked to contribute using your mic and video. However you are not required to do so.

Q: Will the sessions be recorded?

A: No the sessions will not be recorded. Many of them would not work in that format as they are using breakout rooms etc or are discussion based.

Q: What if I have an issue during the event?

A: Your programme email will have a link to the padlet board, you can also find links to useful information here and chill and chat details and post a question if you need to. This is specific for the event so the links are not included here and we ask that you don’t share them with others.

If you haven’t had this email or your question is not answered in it, you can also email the region office on

Finally, ring the region office on 01603 737357 opt 1 (before 4pm on Friday or after 8:30am on Saturday), otherwise please leave a message and we will get back to you.

If you need to step away from your screen to deal with a situation at home, please feel free.