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Fiesta Fun Event Pack

Download pack available here.


Girlguiding Anglia are extremely excited to launch Fiesta Fun, as part of our 50th Birthday celebrations. In addition to our region challenge pack, Buzz about Anglia, (download the pack here) there will be two key region events this year, Fiesta Fun and Anglia’s Amazzzing Birthday Party. Both events will encourage members to either get involved as a unit, district or division or you can take part at home on your own or with your family and friends. Each event will have a downloadable event pack, full of inspiration, challenges, links to activities and resources and a programme timetable, highlighting what will also be available on our YouTube channel.

We want these events to be as interactive and inclusive as possible and we also want you to feel empowered to adapt them to suit you and/or your unit, so if you can’t take part on the advertised weekend, feel free to schedule the fun for another date.

Event Details

When: Saturday 17th July 2.00pm to Sunday 18th July 10.30am

Who: All Girlguiding members including Trefoil Guild are invited to take part, families too!

Where: At home, in your unit or as part of a guiding group.

How: Use the event pack for guidance and highlight which parts of the programme and what activities you’d like to complete. If you want to make use of our videos on YouTube either share links with your units or ensure you have wifi access for when you hold the event.

Follow us during the event:

We’d love to know who will be joining in the fun from across the region and beyond so please take a few minutes to complete our register of interest form here,


Fiesta Fun Challenge Badge

You can get your Fiesta Fun badge here.

Did you hear? Fiesta Fun will have its own challenge badge too! To achieve your badge you must:

  1. Take part on the Fiesta Fun sleepover and sleep somewhere other than your bed. Perhaps you can build a den in the dining room, or even sleep outside under the stars. Make sure an adult helps you find the perfect place to sleep.

Unit leaders please ensure risk assessments are carried out if you are doing this as a unit.

  1. Make and eat one of our Fiesta Food recipes or make your own celebration meal to eat with your family or Guiding friends.

  2. Try one of the creative craft activities. You could make some maracas or perhaps your own Piñata.

  3. Take part in 2 of our Fiesta Fun activities. You could learn to juggle or create your own carnival dance, try some meditation or laughing yoga.

There are lots of activities and crafts that you can take part in. All the resources and links you need for these will be added to this blog page or our download pack by 1 July so you have chance to prepare, but for now here’s some inspiration to help you get that Fiesta Fun feeling.


Fiesta Food – make one of our Fiesta themed meals or snacks.


Imagination – Make one of our craft ideas


Express yourself – Join in with Dancing Emma or create your own carnival dance.


Sunrise Promise – Take part in the sunrise promise renewal


Treasure Hunt – Girlguiding Anglia is 50 this year. Can you find 50 things and arrange them to spell out ANGLIA FIESTA FUN? Take a picture of your creation and email it in or tag it on Instagram.


Anglia Challenge – complete one of the challenges from the Buzz about Anglia challenge.


Fancy Dress – Make a carnival costume from recycled materials


U can do it – Learn to Juggle with Jolly Mess or Try Drumming with Toby.


Night time – Build a den or camp out for the night. Make sure an adult checks where you are sleeping.

Programme of Events

The timeline for the video activities on both Saturday and Sunday is below. Please note there will be videos shared via our Facebook page and YouTube for each of these activities, to subscribe to our region YouTube channel please follow this link:

Saturday 17th July

2.00pm            Introduction from Deputy Chief Commissioner, Andrea Oughton

2.15pm            Melody Dance video

3.00pm            Juggling with Jolly Mess

4.00pm            Samba Drumming video from Essex West

5.00pm            Make your own mocktails

6.00pm            Carnival Camp Fire

7.00pm            Mindfulness

Sunday 18th July

5.00am            Sunrise Promise Renewal

8.00am            Breakfast  – have a go at making fruit skewers or smoothies (this is a written resource only, please share your attempts with us on Facebook or Instagram)

9.00am            Yoga with Laughing Lyn

9.30am            Fiesta Finale and Mexican Wave

Fiesta Fun Activity Resources 

Fiesta Food Recipes 

Choose 1 recipe from below as part of the challenge. Feel free to adapt the recipe to your own style and food choices and don’t forget to share your pictures.

Fiesta Fred 

Simple guacamole

Breakfast Burritos

Fiesta Fajitas

Fruit skewers 


Creative Craft Activities

Try at least 1 of these activities to count towards your Fiesta Fun challenge.

Fiesta Fun Necklace

  • Get creative with a Fiesta Fun style necklace, it would make the perfect accessory to a carnival costume (see activity below). You can find the resource here.

Carnival Masks

Carnival Costumes

  • Who doesn’t love a carnival outfit? But can you create one by using recycled materials from your home or upcycling some old clothing? Make sure you have permission to use items first!

Fiesta Fun Maracas

  • Fiesta Fun just wouldn’t be the same without some music. Make your own by creating these easy maracas. You can find the resource here.

Tin Can Bees

  • As we’re celebrating our 50th Birthday this year with a Buzz about Anglia we thought this tin can bee was a great activity for older members or our younger members with adult supervision

  • Check out the details here, Tin Can Bee 

Fiesta Piñata

  • Have a go at making a Fiesta Fun piñata, perfect for any party or celebration. Check out our resource here.

Juggling Balls

  • Have fun creating your own juggling balls and then use them to take part in the Juggling with Jolly Mess video. You can find the instructions for making juggling balls here.

Treasure Hunt

  • Can you find 50 items from around your house and use them to spell out..


    You can use anything….just remember to put it back afterwards!

    Once you have completed your treasure hunt why not take a picture and email it to:  or tag it on Instagram: @girlguiding_anglia.

    Check out the video on our YouTube channel for an idea on how to complete the challenge: (Link coming soon)

Fiesta Fun Activities

Join in the fun with across the weekend by watching and taking in part in our programme videos. The schedule for our activity videos is above. You’ll need to complete at least 2 of these activities to claim your badge. Which ones will you decide on?

Share the fun – how to get involved

Make sure you are following Girlguiding Anglia on Twitter (@gguidinganglia), Instagram (@girlguiding_anglia) & YouTube (Girlguiding Anglia) to hear the latest news about this exciting event!

We would love to see the fun you’re having and how you’re celebrating with us so don’t forget to share your photos, quotes and fun either via email to or you can simply tag us on our social media platforms.

If you send us photos or videos to share please don’t forget to include permission forms, these can be found here:

Let us know what you think

As part of our ongoing commitment to hearing our members’ voices, we’d love for you to complete our short survey about this event. The feedback we receive is shared with the region’s operations group and will be used when similar, future events are considered.

Thank you!

Thank you to the region’s task and finish group for designing and developing Fiesta Fun, to all the volunteers that supported with resources and to the external parties who contributed to the activities.

Not forgetting a huge thank you to our members for supporting this region challenge and for continuing to deliver great guiding, you’re amazing!