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Buzz about Anglia – Bee an International Explorer

On Sunday 24 January we launched our Buzz about Anglia, 50th Birthday Challenge along with the first of 6 themes – Bee an International Explorer. with lots of help and ideas from our international team, we have created this blog to show how you can complete this first of six themes for the Challenge.

You can download this theme pack here.


Bee an International Explorer

Discover more about guiding around the world and WAGGGS. There’s a whole world out there to access and enjoy!

We’ve gathered together the ideas shared on our Facebook Interactive session below to help you decide what to do to meet this part of the badge, either as an individual or within your unit. We’d love to see what you get up to, feel free to share and tag us in on social media (#AmazingAnglia) or email us at

Our morning started with an introduction to the theme from Sue Trischitta, Anglia International Advisor followed by a message from Charlotte Makanga, Girlguiding’s International Commissioner. You can watch both these videos by clicking on the links or visiting the Girlguiding Anglia YouTube channel.

  • Activity 1 (aimed at Guides, Rangers and adults) – Scratch Map

Our first activity suggestion for the Bee an International Explorer theme is a scratch map: have you created one before?
We found this scratch map activity from for you to have a go at. You could do this as a family, virtually as a unit or with friends. Don’t forget to download it once you’ve finished, if you want to keep it, or share it with us.
Alternatively, if you want to make a physical scratch map, take a look at this YouTube video. Perhaps an activity to try when your unit returns to face to face?
  • Activity 2 (aimed at Guides and Rangers) – WAGGGS quiz

Girlguiding UK, and all other countries in the world that have Girl Guides or Girl Scouts, belong to one organisation, The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).
To show that we are members of WAGGGS we can wear the WAGGGS badge on our uniform. An excellent online activity for older members before Thinking Day can be to use the WAGGGS website to create a quiz or research what it means to be part of this vast organisation.
  • Activity 3 (aimed at any age) – World Badge Trefoil

Download this quick explanation of the meaning behind all the parts of the World Badge Trefoil. It’s a unifying symbol of WAGGGS with every part of the design having its meaning. Then have a go at making your own World Badge Trefoil in any creative medium you like from food to biodegradable glitter and everything in between. We’d love to see your designs and remember anything creative can also count towards the Bee New and Creative theme of the 50th Celebration Badge!

Take the activity a step further and play World Badge Trefoil Beetle Drive with this helpful resource.

  • Activity 4 (aimed at Brownies and above) – World Song sing-a-long

The WAGGGS World Song is a Symbol of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting, which highlights the principles and spirit of the WAGGGS Movement. It is sung at every Association Service and should be known by every member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts! Watch the Girl Guide Association of Barbados sing it here on Facebook and download the lyrics from our resources section to have a go yourself.

  • Activity 5 (all ages) – WAGGGS World Centres Virtual Programme

Although we can’t visit in person at the moment, each of the world centres has started a virtual challenge for 2021. Some are free and others have a charge and can be viewed and booked here on Eventbrite. Activities include a virtual race across Europe, Indian cooking with Sangam and beginners Bollywood dancing amongst many others!

  • Activity 6 (Guides and above) – origami doves with Pax Lodge

Here is an activity you could try from Pax Lodge, we’d love to see your pictures once you’ve made them.

  • Activity 7 (Guides and above) – Alpine Mac N Cheese and apple sauce with Our Chalet

Our Chalet is the name of the world centre in Switzerland. Located high in the mountains, it is breath-taking during any season. Many visitors to Our Chalet rave about the mac N cheese and apple sauce. One of our members, Mandy, was kind enough to ask them for the recipe now available in our downloads area. Why not give it a try and send us pictures of the results.

  • Activity 8 (Rainbows and above) – Our Chalet Tin Can Cowbell

Our Chalet is famous for cowbells and you can make your own from a tin can or a yoghurt pot, have a go at this tin can activity for older members or this one using yoghurt pots suitable for younger members.

  • Activity 9 (Guides and above) – Sangam World Centre Virtual Tour

Perfect for virtual meetings, watch this 10-minute video and tour Sangam World Centre in Pune, India. Why not follow it up with one of these two brilliant activities from Sangam; draw around your hands or feet on paper and make your own henna designs or learn 4 different ways for making Rangoli on paper.

  • Activity 10 (Brownies and above) – Our Cabana Paper Bag Pinata

A great creative activity with a fun ending, why not watch this online video from Our Cabana World Centre in Cuernavaca, Mexico and then have a go at making your own Paper Bag Pinata.

  • Activity 11 (various activities for all ages) – Gold Rwanda Activities

Our final world centre is Kusafiri, a moving centre based across Africa. This year it will be in Ghana but why not try one of these activities kindly shared with us from members of an international GOLD trip to Rwanda.

  • Activity 12 (Rainbows to Rangers) – Skills Builders and Unit Meeting Activities

You can also use official Girlguiding programme sessions to cover this theme within the 50th Birthday Challenge. Here we’ve pulled together the activities that would all count towards the challenge and official programme badges!

  • Activity 13 (all ages) – World Thinking Day

A very important international experience for all of us is World Thinking Day, it is celebrated by Girl Guides and Girl Scouts all over the world on 22nd February each year. This was the birthday of both Robert Baden-Powell and his wife, the former World Chief Guide, Olave Baden-Powell.
Its aim is to bring together children from all over the world (nearly 150 countries take part) to celebrate international friendships, raise money and think about a global theme, which changes each year.
Why not add an international element to your Thinking Day celebrations this year and learn about the history and impact of World Thinking Day.
This year’s World Thinking Day theme is ‘Stand Together for Peace’. You can download the pack here from the WAGGGS website and there is also a badge you can order.
Many counties, divisions and districts are also celebrating Thinking Day online, check out your counties website for more information.
  • Activity 14 (Guides and above) – Thinking Day on the air

Thinking Day on the air, (TDOTA), is an opportunity for the members of Girlguiding, from the youngest Rainbow to the oldest Trefoil Guild member, to talk to other members of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts all over the world via Amateur Radio. Check out their website for some activities and also the opportunity to take part!

Take care and safe travels from your armchair!

You can get your Buzz About Anglia challenge badge here.