Diane Card

Learning and Development Lead Volunteer

My role is to promote and manage the support and delivery of a range of activities and training that fit into the learning and development need within the region.

I will inspire and guide a fantastic team of volunteers to support all aspects of training and learning and development within the Region. To make sure the Region is up to date with all the new Guiding initiatives and these are disseminated appropriately in a timely fashion.

This is a new role that I am really looking forward to developing and working with enthusiastic and dedicated leaders to ensure that the numerous opportunities for learning and development takes place in the Region.

Why do I do it?

I want to share my knowledge and passion for Guiding with other leaders and to motivate them to deliver the best guiding they can to girls and their leaders

Random fact

Guiding has given me many wonderful opportunities but I have been lucky enough to visit 4 of the 5 world centres in the past with the same leader and friend. I have loved each of them for different reasons

It is amazing that ordinary people can do extraordinary things