Verity Maclachlan

Walking Adviser

How long have you been in Girlguiding? 

A guide and Ranger . A leader for almost 40 years.

Describe your journey to being a walking advisor

I enjoyed out of doors activities, walking, sailing , camping. I want to get young members outside so need to train and empower adult Leaders.

Anything that stands out, proud achievements

Taking a unit to Scotland many times hill walking also county and then my Guide unit overseas including to Uganda.

What do you enjoy the most in your role? 

Seeing young and adult members learning and  enjoying the out of doors.

What do you enjoy the most about representing your  Region

I have met many wonderful and inspiring people who have encouraged me in directions I would not have imagined, including present role.

Anything else you want to mention:

Leaders are amazing, we need to help them access all the opportunities Guiding has for them