Rachael Jefferies

Retail Assistant

If I can make one person smile, then my day was not wasted

I was drawn to working in retail at Hautbois because it was an opportunity to work within Girlguiding. I really enjoy my role and hope to be here for some time to come, due to the amazing and appreciative Leaders we serve.  My main job is to serve Leaders, girls, parents, and visitors in the shop and process mail orders.  On occasions, we take a selection of items to sell at events and training days, which is lovely as it gives us an opportunity to meet the Leaders in person who order via telephone, email or online.

I am married to a man who thinks he is Dr. Dolittle and we have rehomed many stray, sick and unwanted animals. We currently have 6 ducks which we raised from ducklings, who all lost their mothers. Two of which would rather sit by the fire than be out on their pond!