Debbie Docherty

Adviser Trustee

From being a trustee I took on the project of developing the programme, opportunities and development (POD) Group, aiming to facilitate the successful delivery of events, activities, initiatives and challenges for all members of the region.

We will review current plans looking for gaps and overlaps, analyse previous feedback and look for new suggestions. We will also pick up on opportunities from external organisations as they emerge.

The POD group will support those delivering these initiatives, usually led by specially formed task and finish groups, from concept through planning and delivery to final evaluation. We are currently working on developing a proposal form and POD toolkit to support these activities.

Looking strategically, we will work with trustees to ensure the initiatives fit with national and local plans, that they have a defined purpose and are value for money.

I was keen to get involved with POD because I have organised events at region and county level and I am passionate that our members of all ages have exciting opportunities.

Random fact – I love liquorice allsorts!

Two quotes that inspire me are:

 Remember to look up at the stars not down at your feet

– Professor Stephen Hawking

Be the change you want to see in the world

– Mahatma Ghandi