Julia Winstanley

County Commissioner Trustee

As County Commissioner for Lincolnshire South, I create adventurous, fun and sometimes thought provoking events to give girls and volunteers opportunities for teamwork, friendship and building networks. I head an inspirational team of volunteers who take ideas to leaders and girls.

As a Brownie, Guide, Ranger and leader I had opportunities enabling me to do things I would not otherwise have done which enabled me to grow in confidence and self esteem as well as meeting other members of the world wide guiding family. By giving time through volunteering, more girls have access to similar and greater opportunities that I have had.

My fun fact is reclining in a paddling pool of ‘gunk’ in front of girls from all sections as a challenge. This was at the culmination of two years of fundraising in my Division for The Ann Conroy Trust, a charity close to my heart.

HOPE is seeing the light in spite of being surrounded by darkness