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Midsummer Sleepover 2020

Girlguiding Anglia presents:

Midsummer Sleepover Challenge



The Midsummer Sleepover Challenge is open to all sections of Girlguiding, including 18-30’s and the Trefoil Guild. You can do the challenge on your own, with your family, online with a friend or leaders can organise unit, district or division events. If leaders want to do this as a group event, they can follow the basic plan for the day and add their own activities to make it special for their members.

We would love for as many people from across our region and further afield to get involved throughout Midsummer’s weekend. However, if you can’t join us then, the challenge and all supporting resources will be available for you to use at any time over the summer of 2020.

A downloadable challenge pack and the supporting activity resources are available from the resources section of our website.

There are three parts to the Midsummer Sleepover Challenge 2020 comprising of five activities in total:

1.The compulsory element:

Sleep somewhere other than your own bed. This could be as simple as sleeping on cushions on your bedroom floor, creating a den in your living room, pitching a tent or even sleeping under the stars. What would be an adventure for you?

  1. Choose at least two Midsummer activities to complete from the list below.
  2. Choose at least two Sleepover activities to complete from the list below.

The Midsummer Sleepover Challenge is just for fun and we won’t be asking for anyone to submit what they have done to qualify for the badge. However, if you would like to share what you got up to then please do so on the region social media platforms.

Facebook – GirlguidingAnglia

Twitter – @gguidinganglia

Instagram – girlguiding_anglia

#GGASleepover #TogetherWeInspire


Midsummer Sleepover Programme

The Midsummer Sleepover will be supported by a selection of online videos and resources. The full details of the programme schedule is listed below the Midsummer and Sleepover activities. Please don’t worry if you’re not completing the challenge over Midsummer weekend, we will keep all videos and resources on our website and YouTube channel for the rest of the summer.

The Badge!

The badge has been designed using vibrant colours with a sunshine surrounding the badge and a den in the middle. It would make a great addition to any camp blanket and will be available to pre-order by members and non-members from the region retail shop as of 20 June. The badges will be priced at 80p each plus P&P in line with normal retail charges.


 Midsummer Activities

 (Complete at least two of these activities)

  1. Create a sundial

The team at Hautbois Activity Centre are busy creating a sundial challenge. We will add a link to the activity on our Facebook page and here on the blog on Saturday 20 June.

  1. International Midsummer traditions

Try a midsummer activity from a different country:

  • India – they celebrate with yoga, do you know any yoga moves? Find an appropriate yoga tutorial online to try (ask parents permission where necessary).
  • Portugal – they celebrate with balloons and arches made from brightly coloured paper, could you try to decorate part of your home or sleeping area for the night?
  • Sweden – as part of their celebrations, girls in Sweden wear a flower crown. Make your own flower crown, something as simple as a daisy chain or something more regal. Take a look here for some inspiration.
  • Or find out about a tradition from another country and try that.
  1. Stonehenge virtual tour

Stonehenge is a world-famous UNESCO World Heritage site and on the longest day of the year, the sun lines up perfectly with a number of stones, creating a spectacular display at sundown. Find out five historical facts about Stonehenge and take a virtual tour. 

  1. Create a sun catcher

What better time than Midsummer’s Day to create your own sun catcher? Check out these examples. 

  1. Sun medallion treasure hunt

Have a go at making some sun medallions and then use them for a treasure hunt for the whole family. Take a look at our ‘how to’ guide.

  1. Capture the sunrise

Set the alarm clock for 4am ish and watch the sunrise on Sunday 21 June. We’ll be posting a picture of the sunrise from the Norfolk coast and would love to see you add your pictures from all across our region.

  1. Lantern

Why not create a lantern to decorate your new sleeping space?

  1. Essex County Cricket challenge

Our friends at Essex County Cricket have sent us a video of them tackling some of the activities in our ‘Smashing Boundaries’ cricket challenge. Take a look on our Facebook or YouTube channel from 4pm on Saturday 20 June to watch the video. If you fancy a go yourself, why not take a look at the challenge pack here.

  1. A Midsummer’s Night Dream

Learn about Shakespeare’s play ‘A Midsummer’s Night Dream’ and try some fun activities 

  1. Write a rhyme, riddle or ramble

If you haven’t taken this region challenge already, why not write a rhyme, riddle or ramble about Midsummer and complete another challenge badge at the same time? Full details are on the region blog.


 Sleepover Activities

 (Complete at least two of these activities)

  1. Pack your bag

Plan what you would need to pack if you were going away on a real sleepover; toothbrush, toothpaste, teddy – what are your kit list essentials?

  1. Make some bunting, a sign or a flag

Every den/tent/hideaway needs some decoration. Get creative and make either some bunting, a sign or a flag to decorate your sleepover creations.

  1. Learn to tie a new knot

If you’re a beginner, why not try the overhand knot or reef knot?
If you can do both of those then have a go at a round turn and two half hitches, a figure of eight or a clove hitch.
If you are good at knots, then have a go at the friendship knot for tying your necker or can you do a bowline?

We’ve sourced some videos to help you.

  1. Build your bed

Once you’ve decided where you’re going to sleep you may need to build a den or put up a tent. Get creative with blankets, sheets, pillows and cushions. We’d love to see your pictures so don’t forget to share on our social media platforms using               #GGASleepover.

  1. Make dinner

Regardless of age, everyone needs to pitch in when making dinner on a guiding sleepover. Plan a menu and help serve up a delicious dinner. Don’t forget the washing up! Why not share your creations with us on Facebook?

  1. Strike a light

Strike a match safely (with adult supervision where necessary) and light your fire. This could be a tea light, bbq or firepit. Try toasting a marshmallow or making s’mores.

  1. Edible campfire treats

Make some treats ready for our campfire sing-along later. Try our campfire biscuits or campfire cupcakes.

  1. Sleeping bag stuff

Compete against Leader, Diane Card, in the sleeping bag challenge. From 9.30am on Sunday 21 June we will be showing Diane’s own attempt at stuffing a sleeping bag. Time and/or record yourself stuffing your sleeping bag away and share the results with us on our Facebook page under Diane’s video. How fast can you go?

  1. Campfire sing-along (campfire not essential)

Follow our Facebook page from 6pm on Saturday 20 June to join in with the Campfire Sing Along.

  1. Bedtime story

Our region 18-30’s Coordinator, Georgina Barrett, will be reading some bedtime stories from 7pm. Look out for the link on our Facebook page.

Midsummer Sleepover Programme

Saturday 20 June

2pmRegion Chief Commissioner, Tracy FosterWelcome message
3pmEssex County CricketCricket Challenge
4pmHautbois Activity CentreSundial challenge released at 4pm
5pmVeronica RichesMake s’mores
6pmRegion membersCampfire sing-along
7pmGeorgina BarrettBedtime story

Sunday 21 June

4amRegion TeamCapture the sunrise
9amRosie from Active EssexGentle stretches and breathing
9.30amRegion membersSleeping bag stuff
10amRegion membersFarewell video

Notes for parents and leaders:

  • Please note that all timings are approximate so please tune in a few minutes early, so you don’t miss anything.
  • Members can do as many of the activities as they wish as long as they complete the compulsory element and two activities from the Midsummer and Sleepover sections.
  • The badges are available to both members and non-members.
  • As we are using YouTube and social media for the challenge please ensure girls have the right age restrictions in place and you are happy for them to view the videos
    • This website is great for advice on setting up parent controls for devices and content girls might be using.
    • This website is entirely about online safety and is written in conjunction with the NSPCC and O2.
    • For children wanting to learn more about online safety themselves, this website is great and has age-appropriate language.

Great Big Thank You’s

We would like to thank all members of Girlguiding Anglia who contributed to this challenge pack and the video support.

Thank you also to Essex County Cricket, Active Essex and Hautbois Activity Centre for their support with activities.

We hope our members enjoy this challenge, thank you for your continued support of Girlguiding at this time, we can’t wait to see you all in groups again soon.

Stay Safe,

Girlguiding Anglia.