Blog / October 27th, 2020

Parliament Week 2020

UK Parliament Week 2020 is going to be a little different this year with many units meeting virtually.

We can still take an active part in this annual festival that engages people from across the UK with their UK Parliament, and  empower our members to speak out on the issues that matter to you and help you to get involved, locally and nationally to make change happen. Use UK Parliament Week to think about issues that you feel are unjust, make you feel angry or annoyed, or a need for change in your local community. It really does start with you!

We want you to debate, campaign, lobby and petition. Learn how to become an influencer to make changes in your community and get your voice heard on issues you are passionate about.

Received your pack and are unsure on how to pull the activities together for your Rainbow or Brownie virtual meeting? No problem! Experienced leaders have set out a unit meeting plan especially for you. The suggested activities would, of course, also work for face to face meetings.

Guide and Ranger leaders should have no problems in selecting activities from the pack to suit your girls.  Encourage them to debate about issues that are important to them, something they want to change. Have a unit vote to choose one to focus on. They can make their own campaign rosettes and collages, record their own campaign videos and don’t forget to share them on our social media channels with the hashtags #UKPW and #HaveYourSayGGA

We know some units still haven’t received their packs, we have been working with UKPW to get these sent out from their distributers. We have included links to the Girlguiding Anglia booklet, Rainbow and Brownie unit meeting plans and the additional activity sheets as mentioned in the main booklet. UK Parliament have also agreed to publish the generic booklet on their website ready for UKPW. There are also lots of great resources on the UK Parliament website including a downloadable colouring book!

We can’t wait to hear about your UK Parliament Week activities and see your photos!

Maxine Jones

Marketing, retail  & Communications lead volunteer – Girlguiding Anglia

2019 UK Parliament Volunteer of the year (Girlguiding Anglia)

All documents seen below can be found in the Parliament Week 2020 resources folder which you can downloaded here.

  • Rainbow UKPW plan
  • Brownie UKPW plan
  • Letter to MP template
  • Rosette instructions
  • Anglia UKPW poster template
  • Anglia booklet