Pass It On – Guiding Light

Due to the current coronavirus situation and the suspension of all face to face unit meetings, we are all working hard to keep the guiding light alive. With the help of our Chief Commissioner Tracy Foster and Deputy Chief Commissioner Andrea Oughton we want to make a video of us ‘virtually’ passing the guiding light between each other.

We need your help!

We want our girls and adult members to send in a video of themselves passing the guiding light from their right hand side to their left hand side, with the hope of it being edited together into one video. We have a few stipulations so please read below before you send in your clips!

  • Your video entries must be accompanied by a photo permission form which can be downloaded below.
  • Your ‘guiding light’ could be a candle, a torch or even a light bulb – anything that represents your light (please be careful if using a naked flame).
  • The clip must be filmed safely, not in bedrooms and with the help of an adult if you are a young member.
  • Please ensure that no one else appears in your video.
  • Can we ask that all clips are shot in landscape, on your phone to keep a sense of continuity throughout the video.
  • We would also like to ask that if possible, all members in the videos are dressed in uniform.

Please can all clips be sent to and have the photo permission form attached, only videos with full permissions will be used for this project. Whilst we would love to use all clips we receive we may be restricted due to time limits but we will do our best.


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