Permission form for thank you video

We had so many videos submitted for our guiding light that we'd like to make an even bigger one giving you the opportunity to say thank you to those who volunteer with you! We would like you to:

  • Make a picture saying thank you. It could be of anything you like it just needs to contain the words 'Thank You'.
  • Film yourself on a camera such as a phone -  start with your poster next to the camera and bring it back until you can see the poster and yourself, bring the poster forward to the camera again ending up against the camera just as you started.
  • Tips to follow: make sure your camera is in landscape (on its side), try to keep your video to a maximum of 5 seconds - this way we can use more of your photos in the overall film.

When you are happy with your film email it to our communications team with the title 'Thank you video', make sure you attach your signed photo permission which can be found here. We will endeavour to use as many we can in the video we will put out on our social media channels on Monday 1 June however all those we can't fit in we will add to a larger video shared later on our YouTube channel.

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