Rangers – remote unit newsletters 2020-21

During 2020/21 when units were not fully able to meet, our volunteers created a series of newsletters to support leaders in engaging with their members whilst not able to meet face to face or online. Although some final activities are date specific these newsletters are still able to be used for remote guiding. All documents are available in Microsoft Word so that they are able to be amended and used by leaders as necessary.

Ranger-Newsletter-No-15.docx, Ranger-Newsletter-No-14.docx, Ranger-Newsletter-No-13.docx, Ranger-Newsletter-No-12.docx, Ranger-Newsletter-No-11.docx, Ranger-Newsletter-No-10.docx, Ranger-Newsletter-No-9.docx, Ranger-Newsletter-No-8.docx, Ranger-Newsletter-No-7.docx, Ranger-Newsletter-No-6.docx, Ranger-Newsletter-No-5.docx, Ranger-Newsletter-No-4.docx, Ranger-Newsletter-No-3.docx, Ranger-Newsletter-No-2.docx, Ranger-Newsletter-No-1.docx
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