Section posters for local recruitment

As units begin to meet face to face again leaders tell us they are starting to look at recruitment for young members. Leader Rosie Hollings created a poster to attract new Brownies in Ipswich. Seeing it online our volunteers loved it so much they asked if we could make them available to everyone across Anglia for all sections.

The posters have been created for each of the sections within Microsoft Word so they are fully editable. You can:

  • Add details on who you are recruiting (trainee leaders, treasurer, administrator, young members etc)
  • Add local contact details
  • Add your own unit, district, division, or local geographical area to the poster
  • Merge sections to make a multi-section poster or add different clipart, available by searching 'clipart' on the Girlguiding website or at this link.

If you don't have a paid-for Microsoft 365 account you can still edit these documents online for free. Go to  to log in to or create a free outlook account to fully customise your poster.

NB. Please remember printing these posters is a justified unit or area expense.

Rangers.docx, Rainbows.docx, Guides.docx, Brownies.docx
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