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Transitions resources

Have you got a young member in your unit ready to transition to the next section?

There are lots of resources and support on offer for you, the young member, and their parent.

Moving up in sections can be a daunting process for many.

For members who don’t know what to expect, for parents who need to learn more about the section and for leaders who need to support the move.

Why not think about having a transition week in your division or district?

We would recommend working within your area to support young members with the move. Within this week you could:

  • Offer a taster session at your unit for the section below
  • Have your commissioners pop by to help with information for parents/guardians
  • Complete elements of the transition badges
  • Provide letters to members in your unit about the nearby units
  • Run activities in your meeting about future opportunities in Girlguiding

On the Girlguiding Anglia website, you will find the following resources:

  • A letter template for each section
  • An easy-to-follow flow chart for unit leaders explaining how to complete the process on GO
  • What's next leaflet - Guides to Rangers
  • What's next leaflet - Rangers to Inspire
  • Transitions activity pack for all sections

In this resource, you can fill in the relevant spaces with details about available sections for the young member to join. We hope this will provide you with a structure for the information needed by parents and guardians.

Moving-on-up-activity-resource.pdf, Move-up-to-Rangers-leaflet.png, Move-up-to-Guides-leaflet.png, Move-up-to-Brownies-leaflet.png, Whats-next-leaflets-Rangers-to-Inspire.pdf, Whats-next-Guides-to-Rangers.pdf, Full-instructions-for-transferring-a-young-member.pdf, Transfer-a-member-flow-chart.pdf, Overview.pdf, Letter-Rainbow-to-Brownie.docx, Letter-Guide-to-Ranger.docx, Letter-Brownie-to-Guide.docx
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