Unit newsletters 1 to 4 – summer 2020

Summer 2020

Newsletters 1 to 4 for all units.

These newsletters are for use by any unit leader wishing to provide remote guiding whilst face to face meetings are not possible. Originally designed for May to July unit leaders are still welcome to use them to support their unit. These have been followed by a further 5 newsletters being launched over the Autumn term 2020.

If you would like Microsoft word versions of these newsletters or have any questions please contact Girlguiding Anglia member support team.

Ranger-Newsletter-No-4.pdf, Rainbow-Newsletter-No-4.pdf, Guide-Newsletter-No-4.pdf, Brownie-Newsletter-No-4.pdf, Ranger-Newsletter-No-3.pdf, Rainbow-Newsletter-No-3.pdf, Guide-Newsletter-No-3.pdf, Brownie-Newsletter-No-3.pdf, Ranger-Newsletter-No-2.pdf, Rainbow-Newsletter-No-2.pdf, Guide-Newsletter-No-2.pdf, Brownie-Newsletter-No-2.pdf, PDF-Ranger-Newsletter-No-1.pdf, PDF-Rainbow-Newsletter-No-1.pdf, PDF-Guide-Newsletter-No-1.pdf, PDF-Brownie-Newsletter-No-1.pdf
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