Unit newsletters – Autumn 2020 – 2 of 5

These newsletters have been designed as a series of 5 to be used over the Autumn term of 2020. They are for use by unit leaders who have members not able to meet face to face or virtually. Each set takes members through the completion of one theme award relevant to their section.

Feel free to amend the newsletters as you wish, add your own messages or use a different level if you have already completed that theme.

NB: By using this resource you confirm that your unit owns the Skills Bulder and UMA relevant to each newsletter.

Ranger-Newsletter-2-of-5-Autumn-2020.pdf, Ranger-Newsletter-2-of-5-Autumn-2020-editable.docx, Rainbow-Newsletter-2-of-5-Autumn-2020.pdf, Rainbow-Newsletter-2-of-5-Autumn-2020-editable.docx, Guide-Newsletter-2-of-5-Autumn-2020-editable.pdf, Guide-Newsletter-2-of-5-Autumn-2020-editable.docx, Brownie-Newsletter-2-of-5-Autumn-2020.pdf, Brownie-Newsletter-2-of-5-Autumn-2020-editable.docx
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