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Blog / November 29th, 2018

Supanova 2019

Supanova 2019!

After the huge success of Starburst early in 2018, we’ve decided to hold another out of this world event, bring on Supanova 2019!  We believe that our girls deserve a special celebration just for them and so we’re offering this fantastic residential to Guides across the region.


The Plan

In 2015 over 300 Guides were lucky enough to experience ‘Supanova’, a residential weekend packed full of activities and entertainment for the region.  This year we’re running it again and this time it’s going to be even bigger and better than before!

Supanova 2019 will take place in November; so there’s plenty of time left to plan your trip and get your pajamas packed for the weekend of non-stop fun!  Bookings will open 31 January 2019 and deposits can be taken on the same day, so leaders, make sure you’re ready with your orders if you’d like to bring your units.

We’ll be heading to PGL Caythorpe for the weekend, a fantastic 65-acre adventure centre in Lincolnshire, with plenty of activities to keep the whole region busy!  There’s everything from high ropes to a giant swing and abseiling to a sensory trail, so whatever outdoor activity you want to do we’re sure you’ll find it here.

Hard hats for abseiling in orange and white

One Small Step for Woman One Giant Leap for Womankind

The theme for 2019 will once again be space and this time we’re going to have some very special guests to celebrate that theme with us.  We can’t tell you more at this point but be assured it’s going to be very exciting!

Remember to strap yourselves in as we launch off into space for an incredible adventure that’s going to be out of this world!

Caring and Sharing

The event is open to all Guides and guiding units who wish to attend and we warmly invite you to come and enjoy this special residential event.  PGL provide shared rooms with en-suite facilities and the weekend will be fully catered for, so all you need to think about is how much fun you can fit into 3 days!  There will be lots of new units to meet and lots of new friends to make, so get your warm clothes ready as we go deep into outer space for an event like no other.

More Info

If you’d like to find out more information about #Supanova2019 then please check out our flyer or if you’ve got any queries then please see our FAQ’s alternatively you can contact the Anglia region office, just see our Contact Us page.


Get your tickets for this years #Supanova2019 here