Blog / September 23rd, 2020

Under The Stars Festival 2020

Girlguiding Anglia presents:

 Under the Stars Festival 2020


This autumn, across the weekend of 24-25 October, Girlguiding Anglia brings you our second region virtual event, ‘Under the Stars Festival 2020’.

Our autumn virtual event has been inspired and supported by our 2020 region partners, The Royal Astronomical Society, (RAS). This time we’ll be sleeping under the stars, making constellation cookies, creating solar systems, exercising like an astronaut and looking at the role females have played in space discoveries. We’re also excited to announce we’ll have some information about the recent Venus discoveries for you, thanks to the team at RAS.

Under the Stars Festival 2020, is open to all sections of Girlguiding, including 18-30’s and the Trefoil Guild. You can do the challenge on your own, with your family, online with a friend or leaders can organise unit, district or division events. If leaders want to do this as a group event, they can follow the basic plan for the day and add their own activities to make it special for their members.

We would love as many people from across our region and further afield to get involved throughout the weekend, but don’t worry if you can’t join us then, the challenge and all supporting resources will be available for you to use at any time until 7 December 2020.

Under the Stars Festival is just for fun and we won’t be asking for anyone to submit evidence to qualify for the badge. However, if you would like to share what you got up to then please do so on the region social media platforms.   

Under the Stars Festival 2020 – Programme

We’re really busy finalising the programme for the most amazing space themed weekend. The sleepover will be supported by a downloadable challenge pack and a selection of online videos and resources. The full details of the online programme schedule will be shared with the supporting challenge pack from 2 October 2020. Please don’t worry if you’re not completing the challenge over the specified weekend, we will keep all video’s and resources on our website and YouTube channel until 7 December 2020.

The Badge!

We’re excited to share the challenge badge with you.

The badge will be available to order by members and non-members from the region shop. The price will be £1 each and will stay on sale until 5pm on Monday 14 December 2020.

How it works:

Element 1. The compulsory element of this virtual challenge is to Sleep under the Stars!

This doesn’t have to be literally. Our members can spend some time creating solar systems, stars, putting up fairy lights or creating alien spaceships and then sleep amongst them. Alternatively, for those members that want an outdoors adventure, please do put up your tents if the weather permits.

Element 2. Create your own mini festival of activities.

Members will create their own mini festival by choosing a minimum of five activities from the themes below. You can choose an activity from each theme, all from one theme or a mixture, make it your own.

Theme 1: Amongst the Stars

This theme will include challenges all about space. Many shared with us by RAS fellows.

Theme 2: Camping Capers 

There will be an opportunity to try out some more traditional camping activities, not forgetting a good old sing along.

Theme 3: You’re a star

This theme allows you to take some time to treat yourself like a star.

Theme 4: Crafty and creative 

We’re working on some great space themed craft and creative activities for you to try out.

Theme 5: Galactic refreshments

We know our members will want to try out some spaced themed refreshments. We’re talking astronaut ice cream and constellation cookies.


Look out for the challenge pack launch on our social media channels from Friday 2 October. We will also add a link here to the challenge pack once it’s on line.

Our thanks go to all our region members for their continued support. We hope they give members and their families a sense of community spirit, something new to try and above all some FUN!

We would also like to thank the team and Fellows from the RAS for their overwhelming support and contribution.