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What an amazing World Thinking Day… Or should I say weekend!

There was so much going on at the weekend, I was spoilt for choice on what to take part in. I hope you were able to celebrate with your unit or with friends and leaders from far and wide. The virtual world certainly came into its own and I was able to join several County events across the Region and joined in with renewing my promise. I started my day on Sunday with Girlguiding Jersey, something I could not have done without the power of zoom.

Andrea and I were really pleased to be able to send each unit a postcard this year and share World Thinking Day wishes with you all. Thinking day also gave us the opportunity to launch our 50th Birthday ship badge which our counties all helped us share with you on social media, we hope you like it! The badge celebrates the whole region turning 50 and includes all the counties as well.  Have you started the Buzz About Anglia challenge yet?  We have just launched the Bee New and Creative theme with more ideas for you to take part in. Please make sure you send in your photographs, as I would love to see what you have been up to so far.

We had the news this week from the Prime Minister, explaining the timeline for the relaxation of restrictions.  Please be patient, we will get the guidance we need to enable us to meet safely as soon as it’s available. Don’t forget your risk assessments will need completing and these will need to include the new guidance, when we have this, (so please don’t complete now) and sent to your local commissioner to approve. We are several weeks away from this taking place so once again I say, please be patient and check the website for updates.  I know that we all are looking forward to seeing our girls however we just need to be mindful that this could take a few more weeks yet, and I’m sure it will be limited numbers and in an outdoor space to start with.

March will soon be here and with-it International Women’s Day. Who is your inspirational woman? This could be a member of your family, someone from the TV world, an author, a scientist, or perhaps someone from within Girlguiding? I always think of that group of girls who went to the Scouting rally wanting something for the girls!  And look where we are today all those years later, offering great opportunities, challenges, and adventure, and of course fun and friendship.

Take care, Stay safe and Keep Smiling.


We hope this brief insight into the wonderful County of Buckinghamshire will give you some information about what is special to us and how diverse our county is. You will hear from both of us; Life of a County Commissioner: our hopes and dreams past and present. You will also be able to read about some of our widespread divisions; from the top to the bottom and read what the coming months have in store for our teams of advisers.

Up until the pandemic, we had a very full calendar and two special events were the County Banner Service and the Competition Hike. We can’t allow a pandemic to stop us so they’ll be virtual this year. Read about them and how much fun they are.

We are lucky to have our County holiday home: Ellesborough. See some beautiful photos of Ellesborough in all its glory and hear from the Chairperson of Ellesborough’s Management Committee.

It’s an exciting time in Buckinghamshire, you can read about it here:

Follow these links to hear more from Sheila Beales and Karen Johnson our Joint County Commissioners


My hopes for the future are that we will recover and grow our memberships once again. Our Marketing plans are more important than ever to support the recruitment of new members, along with promoting future events and activities to engage and reach as many of our members as possible to make them a success.


“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for a newer and richer experience.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt, former First Lady of the United States.

My hopes and aspirations for the future can be summed up as bringing adventure and experiences back to Bucks starting with our virtual Be Brilliant in B.U.C.K.S event in May and our virtual Competition Hike in July. We are also hoping to dust off our passports in August 2022 with a County visit to Our Chalet.

I cannot wait until I can get my camp blanket out and start packing for my next residential adventure!”


We are delighted that we are able to take part in so many activities with our Girlguiding County, they include us whenever possible, and it is not just for making tea and cakes. We are a happy Girlguiding family. Many of us are looking forward to taking part in the Anglia Region 50th Birthday Challenge as we still like collecting badges and sewing them on our blankets.


The County holds a variety of events where some awards are presented if the occasion is best suited.  Seen here is Deputy Chief Commissioner Andrea Oughton presenting the Laurel Award to retired County Commissioner Pauline Hall in 2019. This was done at the annual County Dinner which is an invitation- only event for our members based on their role and contribution over the previous year. This is a great opportunity to present the more ‘prestigious’ awards like the Laurel.

In addition, the County has hosted an Afternoon Tea when all those who have been given an award, either long service or in recognition of their support to guiding, are invited to attend.  It is hoped that more of these types of events can be held in the future.

We have a list of all those who have received thanks and recognition since 1973. Read more.


We are particularly proud of our Banners as they represent a belonging and members are encouraged to take ownership of this sense of family. We believe they should be on display for all to see at as many events as possible around the County and it would be nice to continue to have an annual event when they can come together and we can celebrate their existence and take pride in who we are and what we do.

Many of the Banners have been reproduced as blanket badges, some of which are given as a thank you to someone who has done something special for that area. Others have been sold to members and collectors to raise funds. Read more.


Girlguiding Buckinghamshire own just one property, Ellesborough Guide Centre situated at the heart of the County at the foot of Coombe Hill part of the Chiltern Ridgeway. It has become a much-loved site and many girls have experienced their first stay away from home, first camp, and new leaders their first training, parts of the building still retain some of the feel of a Victorian School. Read more…


Every year we hold Competition Hike 5,10 & 20KM with 150 walkers. This year for our 25th anniversary the Hike will be virtual read how we plan to do this. Read more.


We have 14 very diverse Divisions spanning across Buckinghamshire, from Ouse Valley in the north to Burnham Beeches in the south, read more about some of them here.

We hope that you have enjoyed delving into Brilliant Bucks and finding out what we hold dear to us and what makes Buckinghamshire such a special county.

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