Grants and Applications

image relating to Property Fund

Property Fund

Funding is awarded either as a grant or loan for projects such as new buildings and extensions or repairs, modifications or demolition of existing headquarters.
image relating to Anglia New Unit Grants

Anglia New Unit Grants

We are pleased to announce the launch of this grant, aimed at helping to support new units as they open in Anglia. This is available to all units that have opened since 1 January 2021.
image relating to Outdoor Activities Bursary

Outdoor Activities Bursary

Financial support available for gaining qualifications in outdoor activities such as walking, archery or climbing.
image relating to International Bursary

International Bursary

The International Bursary helps those members of the region taking part in a guiding international trip outside the UK.
image relating to External Grant Funds

External Grant Funds

There are many external grant funds available to Youth Groups including Girlguiding. Some funds will be local to an area or available for any unit in Anglia but all need to be applied for locally.
image relating to Training at a Training and Activity Centre Bursary

Training at a Training and Activity Centre Bursary

This grant is to help leaders in the region to attend a guiding organised training event at one of the approved Training and Activity Centres.