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Games for virtual meetings

With games being such a fun part of our unit meetings, it is no different with online meetings. Leaders have created new games and adapted some old favourites and we’ve created a folder with these for you to take and use. We’d also love to hear what’s working for you, please do send in any activities not featured and that are tried and tested by your girls, you never know your game could be played in units all across our region!

Send any activities to our member support team.

Matchbox-Challenge.pdf, Kims-Game.pdf, GUIDING-SCAVENGER-HUNT.pdf, DASTARDLY-DITLOIDS.pdf, Be-Prepared.pdf,, Wellbeing-breathing-techniques-for-all-sections.pdf, Zoom-pet-show.pdf, This-is-precious-to-me.pdf, Show-and-Tell.pdf, Pillowcase-game.pdf, Name-that-cake.pdf, Drawing-without-seeing.pdf, Brownie-Scavenger-Hunt.pdf, Brownie-Knife-fork-spoon.pdf, Brownie-games-fror-Zoom.pdf, Bingo.pdf
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