Pass it on.
Volunteer with us and share what makes you amazing.

Volunteer with us

You’re awesome, pass it on

Volunteer for Girlguiding Anglia and share everything that’s awesome about you with the women of the future.

Why volunteer?

Volunteering with us isn’t just about campfires and helping girls to get their next badge - although those are special moments. It’s about empowering girls and giving them new experiences. It’s helping girls realise their own potential, sharing and developing your skills, all while having the time of your life.

Volunteer with Girlguiding Anglia
You're awesome... Pass it on! Volunteer with Girlguiding Anglia

Who can volunteer?

Anyone! There’s no requirement to have been involved in guiding before, and we’ve got lots of
opportunities for young people too. You choose the volunteer role that matches your skills and time available. You can be a leader, a helper, a treasurer, fundraiser, administrator, trainer, the list goes on and on…

What roles are there?


As unit leader, you’ll run the unit, lead a team of volunteers, and plan and deliver a programme of awesome activities. If you’d like to become a leader, you’ll be supported to complete our leader development programme.

Unit helpers

Lots of new volunteers start out as a helper at regular unit meetings. You’ll work alongside other volunteers to give girls fun, friendship, challenge and adventure. There’s no responsibility for planning in this role but you’ll be a much needed extra pair of hands.

Supporting roles

These roles are perfect for you if you can’t give time every week, want to help casually or are keen to share a specific skill or passion. This can be anything from camping or football through to photography or managing a shop!

Three simple steps to becoming a volunteer

Register your interest

Click the register today button which will take you to our national website. Fill out our form
and give your details. We need to know where you are based and how we can contact you.

We’ll be in touch

Someone from the Girlguiding team in your area will contact you for a chat, usually within seven days.

Tell us what you want to do

During this chat let us know about your skills and how much time you have to spare. This will help us to find the right volunteer role for you and start our recruitment check process.

Three reasons to become a volunteer

To find new friends and interests

You'll be able to find your community of likeminded people in Girlguiding, make friends, and discover new interests and skills along your volunteering journey.

To make a difference in the lives of girls and young women

By volunteering, you're helping to provide safe spaces for girls, empowering those girls and reminding them that they are without limits! Girlguiding is your place to make positive change in your community.

To develop new skills and have exceptional experiences

Through Girlguiding you'll discover new talents and strengths within; from running your first activity with the girls and joining in with sleepovers and trips away, to getting involved in the big conversations and taking action for topics you're passionate about. You'll develop your self-confidence as part of an inclusive organisation that welcomes all girls and women.

Girlguiding Anglia Inspire

Flexible guiding with fun and friendship at the heart of it! Be part of a community of young women choosing their own path. It’s all about fun, skills, and unforgettable experiences.
Whether you’re looking for adventure, to travel the world, build your skills or simply have fun with new friends, there’s a place in Girlguiding for you.

Opportunities include Duke of Edinburgh, GOLD and Queen's Guide award.

Girlguiding Inspire 18-30. Join us today. Volunteer with Girlguiding Anglia