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Rangers have fun, learn more, give back, hang out – and just be themselves

Rangers is for all girls aged 14 to 18

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Fancy an adventure? We have lots of those!

Rangers is your space – where you get together with other girls from 14 to 18 to have fun, learn more, give back, hang out, and just be you. It’s regular meetings with your local group, trips at home and abroad, making a difference to the things you care about. It’s an open and relaxed space to talk with good friends – it’s qualifications and badges and awards. It’s the freedom to be more independent, and to do what makes you happy. Rangers is what you make of it.

Our Promise

Our Promise for all is an inclusive commitment for every member from all faiths or none. This links us to other Girlguiding members across the world and what makes guiding so special.

The Ranger promise and laws are the same as those for a Guide.

Whatever you're into, there'll be a badge

Our programme delivers the varied, fun activities you would expect from guiding all based under six themes. Rangers can work towards interest badges, where you can learn about everything from sports to events planning. One of the great things about being in guiding is all the different badges you can try!

The age range covered by Rangers is where you see the transition from girls to young women, and it is a pleasure and a privilege to be part of this journey. With my members having the freedom to choose their own unit activities, excursions and trips being a leader provides me with challenge and variety in supporting them to achieve their goals.

Ranger Leader