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Molly Hancock

Diversity, inclusion and belonging adviser

Molly Hancock, Girlguiding Anglia’s diversity, inclusion and belonging adviser

As someone whose passion is diversity, inclusion and belonging, I am delighted to be using my life experience and qualifications to build on our existing initiatives and help shape the future of inclusion and belonging at Girlguiding Anglia.

As an autistic woman with ADHD and physical disabilities, I have come up against times I have felt excluded – but these have aided me with invaluable knowledge on how to support others. I will be championing continual learning, positive change, and supporting us all as we progress through the journey of strengthening Girlguiding Anglia’s sense of belonging and acknowledging and working through our knowledge gaps.

I have grown up in Girlguiding and started out as a Rainbow in Littleport in the 2000’s. You can now find me helping with 4th Ely Guides, and I’ll be opening 5th Ely Guides in September. If you would like to speak all things inclusion, share your experiences, or even say hello – please do reach out to me via email.


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