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Rosemary Jeffery

County commissioner, Girlguiding Essex West

How long have you been in Girlguiding?

Since I was 7. So about 50+ years!

Describe your journey into becoming county commissioner:

I was unit leader, a trainer and lots of different roles. The opportunity for the county commissioner role then came about. I hadn’t expected to become county commissioner, but I had worked my way there and I was available for the role at the time so I wanted to do it.

Is there anything that stands out, any proud achievements?

For me, It would be going to all the world centres as it really makes you think ‘wow what an amazing organization we have are in’. Going to the world centres has been a personal big achievement. Another achievement would be, organising county thinking day, as this a highlight for me. I loved the fact that everyone came together and everybody did their own bit, it really showed a lot of team work. Additionally, we have done events face to face and virtually and they have been both very different but both amazing.

What do you enjoy the most in your role?

I love the variety that the role has to offer. It is always different and there is always a learning curve. I think the main message I want to portray is that there are no barriers to entering Girlguiding, as virtually anybody can be a part of it and take part of the roles! The opportunities are open to all.

What do you enjoy the most about representing your county?

I enjoy the fact that it creates the opportunity to meet with lots of different people, whether that be face to face or virtually; everyone involved is doing amazing things in so many different always. This shows how flexible we are and how we can accommodate and adapt to operate.