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Sarah Cheetham

County commissioner, Girlguiding Oxfordshire

How long have you been in Girlguiding?

Since I joined as a Brownie when I was 7.

Describe your journey into becoming county commissioner:

My earliest memory was my mum who was a Brownie leader, so I remember waiting to collect her with my dad to take her home, which followed that I would end up being a Brownie too. I was then a guide, then a young leader, as I got my leadership qualification at 18. I was happy as a unit leader and then I became division commissioner and whilst being this I was the membership growth coordinator for the county (which I still am) and now county commissioner

Is there anything that stands out, any proud achievements?

A special moment that stands out for me in my Girlguiding experience is when a group of our girls make the promise whilst being in canoes on the river, having a nice time in the summer.

What do you enjoy the most in your role?

Sharing the good things we do with other people and letting them know how we do it and encouraging leaders to give the best guiding in the county.

What do you enjoy the most about representing your county?

Being able to visit other units and see what is happening within the county.