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Upcoming training and events

This month’s spotlight: 4-steps to recruitment success and commissioner training

The reason we are able to hold training sessions in Anglia is due to our very own trainers, who volunteer their own time to plan and deliver these sessions during their busy lives, which we appreciate so much.
If you would be interested in becoming a trainer and think this is something that appeals to you, please do get in touch. There is more information on this on the website.  

We always have training webinars and sessions running and to find out more information individually on these you can head over to the website. 


4 Steps to recruitment success 

For those in district or division roles or teams who are interested in helping to grow membership, our 4 steps to recruitment success training will help you plan what to do and how to do it.

We plan to run a couple more virtual sessions and another face to face for this training, once these dates have been confirmed we will then advertise them for you to book and secure your place. 

For more information visit the 4 steps page in our events area.

 The A, B, C of adjustment plans 

If you have a member of your unit that you think might benefit from additional support to access your usual activities then an adjustment plan can help. 

We’ll share some basic information about the process and answer all of your questions – the only silly question is the one you don’t ask. 

The next couple if sessions we are running are below;  

  • Tuesday 14 May 2024 at 19:30pm  
  • Monday 1 July 2024 at 19:30pm  

To book a place of have a read about the session please head over to Eventbrite for more.  

Commissioner induction sessions

We are in the discussions of setting up our next Commissioner Induction sessions in May and June, and as soon as the dates have been confirmed they will on Eventbrite and the website to book your place.  

Commissioner Induction is aimed at commissioners in Girlguiding Anglia that have been in the role for less than 6 months. Sessions will cover a range of topics over two training sessions. To find out more head over to our website 

Annual GDPR and Digital Security sessions 

We also have our annual GDPR and Digital Security training being offered on:

Thursday 11 April 2024.

The details can be found on Eventbrite. These are being offered virtually. 

GO for commissioners 

Feel confident in using GO for your commissioner role. The next session is being discussed, once this is confrimed we will share the date for you to book a place.

Visit the booking page for more details.


LDP sessions

We have now lots of LDP courses up and open for bookings. These include: –

  • Risky Business – A guide to keeping everyone safe
  • Introduction to Managing Unit Accounts
  • Doing our Best – Recognising and celebrating quality in your unit
  • Effective Communications for Leaders
  • Celebrating Every Member

If this is something you want to part take in, then head over to the Learning Platform to find out more.

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