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Check out this month’s blog as we near mid-winter and a season of festivities.

Lighten your load

Lighten your load in the last month of the year by connecting with light in its purest form.

Moving towards the darkest time of the year can bring to mind strings of electric lights, candles, bonfires, open fires; anything really that reminds us of the sun, as the holiday season approaches. We may not get much snow in this part of the country to reflect the light and put a sparkle in our step but as Dolly Parton says: ‘The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain’.


Keeping our spirits light can be a challenge as our schedules get busier the nearer the holiday break comes, but there are plenty of healthy tips for getting out in nature, grabbing a bit of daylight, hats on and waterproofs at the ready. Did you know that getting outdoors can improve creativity and focus? Check out this site for ideas for children venturing forth in winter:

10 fun outdoor activities


And this one for the adults!

Outdoor socialising


 Wishing you a restful but sparkling end-of-year break and look forward to checking in again in the New Year.

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