With lockdown continuing we have been asked by members to continue our series of section-specific newsletters, able to be sent by leaders direct to parents. These provide guiding opportunities to members even if the unit is unable to meet as well as providing ideas on what is available for those who are meeting online.

There will be three newsletters in this series, each released with the monthly Anglia e-newsletter on the final day of the previous month.

We also have four activity packs, one for each section, kindly shared with us from the Space to Grow Together project, and designed for use as remote guiding activities or as ideas for activities to do when socially distanced meetings return. Find the packs here in our member support download area.

Our previous newsletters are also still available in the resources section of our website with each sections full set available at the following links:

We also have a wealth of resources able to be shared with young members or to support our valued leaders with guiding at this time. Follow the links below to download the resources:

Buzzin in Bedfordshire

We are very excited about joining in the Anglia Region 50th birthday challenge and can not wait to get started.

For me 2021 is a year of celebration, as well as Girlguiding Anglia, being 50, my unit, 1st Flitwick Guides, and Flitwick district will be 100 years old. It’s a year of celebrating and coming together. This has inspired our theme for 2021 being community, fun and friendship.

To get this underway, during lockdown we have been busy bees working with our local partners, Shuttleworth, Wrest Park and ZSL Whipsnade Zoo to ensure we have some exciting events and activities to launch within the county during 2021.

Our residential centres, Mollivers in Bedford, Haverings and Woodcroft in Luton are all ready to welcome girls for both indoor and outdoor meetings, and when we can, residential events.

I am constantly amazed by how creative our volunteers have been across the county adapting our programme, meeting virtually and finding new ways to come together and have fun and supporting each other to gain new skills. From the community projects including NHS parcels to the Bedford Bridge Walk, the bake off competitions, the pantos, the campfires, the VE day windows to mention just a few. It is truly inspirational and I cannot wait to see what girls and leaders do to make 2021 special.

Guiding is alive, well and buzzin in Bedfordshire and I am extremely proud to be County Commissioner of such a vibrant and exciting county.

Karen Keeling

Girlguiding Bedfordshire County Commissioner

Wrest Park Quest

Girlguiding Bedfordshire in partnership with Wrest Park (English Heritage) has created the Wrest Park Quest creating an opportunity for members to visit a local historic landmark and to complete an Environmental Quest at the Education Centre and go on a Treasure Quest through the glorious grounds.

Shuttleworth Quest – launching 2021

Girlguiding Bedfordshire is in partnership with Shuttleworth to create a Quest. The quest can be completed in an exciting day out exploring the Shuttleworth Collection and Swiss Garden. An opportunity to explore some of the vintage aircraft and take part in activities based on inspirational women, as well as following a treasure trail around the beautiful gardens.

Shuttleworth Vintage Show – 4th-5th September 2021

Some Guides and Rangers members have been invited to take part in the Shuttleworth Vintage show in September. The show displays many vintage aircraft and vehicles and many members of the public dress up in period clothes. We will be setting up a vintage camp, and putting on some traditional camping activities for the public to participate in, before watching the vintage air display. The girls participating will have an opportunity to gain their guiding history badge.

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo Challenge – launching Jan 2021

Our latest partnership is with ZSL Whipsnade Zoo. Girlguiding Bedfordshire has links with the zoo throughout our history. We have worked together on a challenge that can be done either individually, in virtual and face to face meetings and is open to any unit that wishes to take part. The challenge includes Animal Fun, Conservation, and the history of the zoo and Girlguiding.

We’re all going to the zoo zoo

Girlguiding Bedfordshire are planning a county outing to the ZSL Whipsnade Zoo as soon as we are able. We cannot wait to see all the rainbows, brownies, guides and rangers exploring the largest zoo in the UK. It will be amazing to get back together and talk to animals.

In the meantime, the zoo has made a video to launch the challenge which can be found here.

Guiding my way at a time that suits me

As part of our response to COVID we have set up lone Brownie, Guide and Ranger units. These units are open to anyone who would like to would like to continue guiding but can not join a regular meeting. The leaders send out activities and use a variety of different ways to communicate and interact with the girls. For more information contact BedsLoneGuiding@gmail.com

We are excited by the opportunities, the planned events for 2021 offer and are delighted to be able to invite, participate in the Wrest Park Quest, the Shuttleworth Quest and the Whipsnade Challenge to our guiding friends across the Region. There are more details of all these events over on our website and we look forward, to hearing your stories and sharing the photos of the fun and adventure being generated, as you take part.

Twitter @Bedsguides

Facebook @GirlguidingBedfordshire

Instagram @guidingbeds

Email  cc@bedsguiding.org.uk

Website www.bedsguiding.org.uk



International Opportunities

As part of our 50th Birthday Challenge launch we explored our International Explorer theme. This blog tells you more about the opportunities available for yourself and units to get involved in international activities and trips, once circumstances change to allow travel again. For activities related to this theme visit our blog on the International Theme.

Below we look at what is on offer to different age groups, starting with our youngest members.

Rainbows can get a feel for an international camp in the UK, by visiting an international jamboree just for the day. Here is the link to one such event.

By the time girls move up to Brownies they are able to go on international trips, we know that Disney World Paris is a popular destination. Please do share any photos or stories with us at anglia50@girlguiding-anglia.org.uk of any Brownie trips you’ve been on.

Over the years we’ve seen some amazing international trip badges created for those taking part, have you got any trip badges you could share? Thank you to Girlguiding Buckinghamshire for sharing this one.

You could start a unit blanket and see if you can get a badge from every country or region in WAGGGS.

Girls aged between 11-13 can take part in a region International Community Experience (ICE). ICE is an amazing three-stage project, that brings Guides together from all over Anglia to have fun while doing something for others. It offers the opportunity for personal development through community action work, teamed with an introduction to international experiences.

If you’re aged 10-18 then the world is your oyster!! Take a look at the Anglia Abroad booklet and see the adventures some of our region members had.

Districts and divisions may organise trips too, counties often have an annual international opportunity day/weekend (INTOPPS), where Guides can find out more about what is available to them. This year there may be virtual events, check out the international section on your county website for more information.

Our Girlguiding Anglia Inspire (18-30) community can have all sorts of adventures:

  • They can apply to take part in a GOLD project, like the one in this video
  • The next Gold selection weekend is hoped to be this year, check out the webpage for more information
  • There are lots of other opportunities on the WAGGGS website:
    • Juliette Low Seminar
    •  Helen Storrow Seminar
    •  WAGGGS Volunteer Pool
  • Plus there’s The Academy!

Our region adult leaders and Trefoil Guild members can join local or region trips as part of the leadership team, giving an opportunity to explore the world whilst supporting girls. Our International Adviser, Sue Trischitta, has Peru and Disneyland Paris on her bucket list. Where would you love to go?

There may, in the future, be county/region adult only trips. The world centres are popular destinations and allow our leaders and Trefoil Guild an opportunity to meet other members from WAGGGS.

International Jamborees provide opportunities for our adult members to take a role within an international service team (IST). If you’ve been on an IST we’d love to hear your story, please email us anglia50@girlguiding-anglia.org.uk.

TOPAZ is for Trefoil members only, “a chance to get involved in challenging international projects”, take a look at their website for more information. It would be lovely to hear from Trefoil members about their experiences, or perhaps you could contact your local Trefoil Guild and ask them to share their experiences with your units as part of the International Explorer theme in the ‘Buzz about Anglia’ birthday challenge?

Other opportunities include:

  •  WAGGGS Leadership Programme
  •  WAGGGS volunteer pool

Volunteer at one of the world centres, check the website for more details.

We hope our focus on international throughout 2021 will excite and encourage members to learn more about the opportunities available and get involved if they can. For further information contact your county international adviser or email the Anglia region office for advice angliahq@girlguiding-anglia.org.uk.

Happy adventures!



Girlguiding Anglia 1971-2021

‘Buzz about Anglia’ 50th Birthday Challenge


In 2021, Girlguiding Anglia celebrates its 50th Birthday and we invite all of our members to join in the celebrations with us.

Girlguiding exists to give girls and young women a space to have fun, find their voice, build their confidence and empower them to make a positive difference in their community.

To celebrate our 50th birthday we have a big birthday challenge for you to complete called a “Buzz about Anglia”. The challenge was inspired by bees, we have been busy buzzing around for 50 years and just like bees we are helpful, community minded and care for one another. Have you heard of the Baden Powell bees? Robert Baden Powell described bees as a model community.

The Challenge

Our birthday challenge has six themes with activities for you to complete across the year to compliment our Girlguiding programme. We have also linked our themes to the Girlguiding strategy, Today, Together, Tomorrow; reminding us all that #TogetherWeInspire.

Each theme will offer lots of activities to take part in, and we will provide a variety of ideas and resources throughout the year to support your planning, enabling you to link to the programme and other activities you want to do. We hope you have plenty of fun taking part and challenge yourselves and your unit to try something new.

The challenge is designed to last all year, giving you plenty of time to visit each of the six themes. To complete it we would like you to try at least one activity from each theme but we would love it if you tried more. Every two months the region team will highlight one of the six themes as well as adding ideas and extra resources for each theme at relevant points throughout the year.


The ‘Buzz about Anglia’ Themes

The six themes spell out  ANGLIand each will be recognisable by its colour and theme icon.

Bee        Adventurous                                                

Bee        New and creative  

Bee        Giving                                                             

Bee a     Leading light                                               

Bee an   International explorer 

Bee         Amazing   


What do the themes mean?                                                     

Bee Adventurous – Have a new adventure or try a new activity

Bee New and creative -Use your imagination to create or learn a new skill.


Bee Giving – Give your time or generosity to others or your community.

Bee a Leading light – Lead the way on those things that important to you or those around you.

Bee an International explorer – Discover more about guiding around the world and WAGGGS. There’s a whole world out there to access and enjoy.

Bee Amazing – Be amazing, celebrate being you and being part of Girlguiding Anglia and all the amazing fun and friendship Girlguiding has to offer.



What Happens Next?

The challenge is totally flexible and you can tailor it as you wish. Explore the themes and activities in any order and you can do them either alone or with your unit or group. The challenge can be started at any time as long as you complete it by 31st December 2021, the end of our anniversary year.

Fresh ideas, suggestions and supporting resources will be added throughout the year to inspire and help you. These will be added to the individual theme blogs (details below) and shared on the region newsletter and across social media. Members of all ages will be invited to contribute to the challenges throughout the year, this could be by making videos, sharing interesting links or writing instructions. We will also try to link some activities to Unit Meeting Activities and Skills Builders to help you build a balanced programme.

Theme activities and resource links:

Bee an International Explorer

Bee New and Creative

Bee Giving

Bee Adventurous

Bee a Leading Light

Bee Amazing

We hope you will send us photos and stories of you getting involved so we can  share your experiences to inspire others and celebrate your achievements, (please remember to send in permission forms with your photos/videos). Please email everything to anglia50@girlguiding-anglia.org.uk.

Whilst you may choose to do the challenge in any order we will spotlight the themes in the order below every two months:

Bee an International Explorer 

Bee New and Creative

Bee Giving

Bee Adventurous  

Bee a Leading Light

Bee Amazing 


Please keep your own records of how you and/or your unit are completing the challenge.  We won’t be asking for any evidence, but please share photos and stories with us at anglia50@girlguiding-anglia.org.uk. Once you have completed at least one activity from each theme, you can send for your very special ‘Buzz about Anglia’ badge.


The ‘Buzz about Anglia’ Badge

You can get your badge here.

Thank you for getting involved in Anglia’s 50th birthday celebrations. We can’t wait to see how our members celebrate the occasion, if you want to watch the video by Tracy Foster, Anglia Chief Commissioner, for more information, use this link.