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Blog / June 30th, 2023

2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup

After the excitement of last year’s Euros, many more young women now see football as accessible and exciting. 1 leader in Anglia now has a quarter of her Guides playing in the local league!

Here are some ideas from young members of 1st Fakenham Guides on what they’ll be doing in their World Cup-themed evening.

  1. Come in your football kit or you could amend 1 of the recycled fashion UMAs and create you’ve very own team kit.
  2. Everyone loves a trophy – design and create a trophy for the winner of your competition. You could amend the Build a Beast Guide UMA and turn this into creating a mascot instead.
  3. Make the tallest goalpost possible. With limited materials, the group that can make the tallest goalpost (tower) in a set time is the winner.
  4. Create a football pom pom. Create pom poms out of black and white wool for a football-themed craft activity.
  5. Football skills competition. Work in small groups to gain points in each of the following:
    • Dribble the ball through a slalom of cones – 1st group with all team members back wins and good for smaller spaces where kicking a ball towards a goal isn’t an option.
    • Penalty shoot-out competition into a goal or use a target area if your space is smaller with the closest to the centre target in 1 ‘kick’ being the winner.
    • Passing practice – each group stands in a circle, how many times can they pass the ball between themselves without it leaving the circle?
  6. If using full-sized footballs isn’t an option for your space set up a table/floor football pitch. Use a ping pong ball or similar and set up 2 goals and use masking tape to mark basic pitch lines. Each team member gets a straw and takes it in turns to blow the ball towards the other team’s goal.
  7. Pin the badge on the football shirt.

Finally, you could get group members to pick 1 of the names of the teams out of a hat. Make bunting or flags so they can support the team throughout the competition. Parents can download a match tracker sheet from the Girlguiding Anglia website to help follow the progress of teams.


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