Blog / May 13th, 2021

Girlguiding Anglia celebrate extraordinary achievements made by members during the pandemic

As girls and volunteers across the Anglia region prepare to resume face-to-face guiding, Girlguiding Anglia celebrates the creativity and determination shown by its members across eastern counties during the COVID-19 pandemic. Members from Girlguiding Chelmsford in Essex have taken part in a virtual project to create a local art installation. Titled “Lockdown Loss and Future…

Blog / May 13th, 2021

A Welcome Return To Face-To-Face Guiding In The Anglia Region

As Covid-19 restrictions gradually lift, Girlguiding Anglia is celebrating the return to face-to-face guiding and the exciting prospect of having adventures indoors and outdoors together again. For many girls it will be just over a year since they last met face to face and a welcome return after months of lockdown and meeting together online….

Blog / April 27th, 2021

Girlguiding Anglia wants to hear from members keen to get involved in our TikTok this summer!

The Background New kid on the block TikTok has sky-rocketed to fame over the last 18 months with now over a billion users worldwide. The app is not just popular with the under 18’s but it is shown to be reaching a growing demographic of millennials and zillenials too. We think TikTok is a great…

Blog / April 23rd, 2021

Get your steps in with Girlguiding’s Walking Scheme

Girlguiding Anglia invites ramblers, meanderers, scramblers, hill-climbers, and walkers of all disciplines to learn more about the Girlguiding Walking Scheme. Despite our lack of elevation in Anglia, we have a growing group of keen walkers who are looking to encourage more young people to get outside and into walking. So, whether you are a Brownie…