Blog / April 20th, 2020


Welcome to our remote & virtual guiding support blog, it includes support and resources for all leaders to assist with guiding at this time. Full ideas on how to keep in touch with your unit, delivering online meetings, if you wish to and information for you to download and send to parents in a ‘newsletter’ format….

Blog / March 30th, 2020

Resources to connect with units and help with wellbeing

Welcome to all of you at home! Here’s our contribution to staying safe & well. The first part is a practical tool kit to help organise and stay connected, followed by reflections on and suggestions for developing mindfulness. The last part contains a wealth of resources for ideas and fun, jump to that section first for activities you can do and share! Keeping connected With the present situation having…

Blog / March 26th, 2020


Supporting our members during COVID-19 Strange times. We are indeed in very strange times, please look after yourselves and reach out to one another. Things are changing daily, with advice and guidance affecting ourselves, our families, our friends, our work and our guiding lives. We need to do things differently and we will find ways…

Blog / March 11th, 2020

Chief Commissioners’ Blog

Learning how to curtsy! Who would have thought I would be learning how to curtsy at the Cambridgeshire East STEM day? Well, I did! A wonderful group of Rainbows full of smiles and obviously enjoying their day met myself and their county commissioner, Claire. Having been told we were important, a Rainbow decided we needed…