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Blog / June 23rd, 2022


Well haven’t we been going all out on celebrations recently, what with the enormous success of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and the way it touched so many people not only in this region but nationally and worldwide. Are there still flag bunting remnants lying around your house or local unit meeting place? Will you take away good memories from the long weekend at the beginning of June? Let’s hope so.

And for some of you the plans for other Festivals this month are high on your to do list. With the summer weather all sorts of music, performance and art festivals are being held. How do we record those celebratory times we’ve had and how might we record those we will have in future? We could write about them, a seemingly old-fashioned skill but a valuable one; how many texts do you save for posterity? Have you ever kept a diary? Do you use writing to get your thoughts out of your head, sort of like a download?

Check out the First Story site with all it has to offer; I didn’t know we have a National Writing Day on 23 June:


This time of year is also one of stresses and exams for young people who can find the fever pitch pressure of proving themselves with their future in mind a bit mind boggling. Once the exams are over how are we going to help them celebrate their perseverance and application; how about learning how Girlguiding has got behind Pride, see the website here:

or here:

Alternatively joining one of the local going away camps, sleepovers or visits to an activity centre, with plenty of time for forming friendships and doing things together, learning about our physical boundaries and how we might extend those by trying out new sports and activities; you never know you might discover a new one, even as an adult.

Here are a few suggestions from Action for Happiness:

  • Bring to mind a favourite memory you feel grateful for
  • Get outside and find the joy in being active
  • Rediscover and enjoy a fun childhood activity

And there’s always commemorative days to help with the treats:

So, until next month, here’s to the appreciation of events big and small and recognising what we all have in common with each other.