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Blog / July 29th, 2022

Chief Commissioner Blog – August

Hi all,

Friendship and fun outdoors, is where the last few weeks have taken me. I know many of you will have been away or planning to go away with your units and enjoying those special times!

I recently attended Suffolk counties leaders day held a Hautbois, it was great to see many leaders enjoy activities on offer and enjoying catching up in the lovely surroundings. The sun was shining, and it was lovely to meet leaders from the county. This week, I have also been to Bedfordshire County camp, held at Shuttleworth, and was made very welcome by all.  Camping is great fun and I know the hard work leaders put in to make it all happen. For a weeks camp, there is always the day when we say  “No more, I’m too tired for this” and then we girls have so much fun and enjoyment, we do it all over again! So thank you to you all for that extra commitment in many these events happen.

Many of units will be attending Lincolnshire Poacher next week and I will be there for the day on Wednesday, so please come over and chat if you see me.  I’m at another camp the following week ‘East meet West’,  our two Cambridgeshire counties joining together for a Camp and day activities too. I will there Thursday evening and looking for to seeing everyone.

In this month’s Discover and Grow, you may have seen the focus on celebrating friendship, and recognising the International Day of Friendship, where we celebrate the friendship between countries and cultures, building bridges and breaking down barriers.  Guiding gives us so many opportunities to make new friends and some friendships that last a life time. In this way, guiding is a very social organisation to belong to.

We also make memories, I went to see Gang show 90 at Hammersmith Apollo earlier this month. Well done to all those members from our region that took part. It was a great show and reminded me of the good times I had taking part on Peterborough Gang show for many many years. One of the traditional Ralph Reader songs takes me back to friendship and memories . With these words,

“We’ve been making memories we are very smart

Well take each little memory and lock in pocket of your heart “

Fun, friendship and making memories is what we give our members, and that includes us as adult volunteers. So take time to catch up with friends and make more memories.

Take care, keep smiling,