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Blog / December 1st, 2022

Chief Commissioner Blog – December

Hi everyone,

Here we are approaching the last month of this year, and I’m sure lots of you are busy with units , as we reach the end of the term. Are you going to a Malaita screening? Lots of you are I’m sure! Can you strike the pose?  Have fun, the film will be great!

Have you seen our Winter Quest? I love this badge and a great challenge to complete 24 activities this winter. This can be done during December, January or whenever you feel is the winter season. Great mini challenges with lots of fun, which could be given as an end of term badge with challenges over the festive break.

As the end of year is fast approaching, just a gentle reminder to ensure records are up to date in readiness for the new year and membership subscriptions time. Also, please do reach out if your unit needs financial support, your county has grants available -check out county websites for details. Do not worry if you need support, reach out as soon as you can. Its also a time to ensure all leaders in the unit are update to date with safe space and DBS requirements and do book on necessary training or arrange for a check to be completed. A huge thank you in advance.

As always take care, and keep smiling!