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Blog / February 1st, 2023

Chief Commissioner February Blog – Tracy Foster

Well we are here, five years have whizzed by and I am saying a goodbye! What an amazing five years. Adventures galore, challenges a few and opportunities many. I will be finishing as chief commissioner on the 1 February and Andrea will remain for a few more weeks to assist with the transition until our new Chief Commissioner, Karen, has appointed her team.

Andrea and I have loved our time, notwithstanding the pandemic of course, however that did enable us to reach out to our members in a different way. We certainly kept guiding going, with the mobilisation of virtual events. Who took part in our Midsummer sleepover, wasn’t this great fun? We also had many virtual training and workshops which continue in the virtual space and are proving very successful. Other virtual events have taken place and although does not replace the face-to-face fun, it certainly is a great way to continue to enjoy all we have to offer.

During the lock down period, it also reminded us how adaptable we are as leaders. Embracing new opportunities with Zoom or Teams and delivering great guiding to our girls. The virtual space will now always be an offer, as its created many positive opportunities.

However, meeting you all face to face has been a real privilege, we have attended unit meetings, Thinking Day events, Award presentation, AGMs, Trefoil gatherings, county activity days, region events, commissioner days, sections events, trainers conferences to name a few, and taken part in so many activities with girls from all our sections. It been amazing! Thank you.

We have of course travelled far and wide and met so many members of all ages at many different events. County days at farms, camps and other activities venues. Taken part in fun activities. Visited many camps of all sizes! Renewed our promise at Thinking Day and Promise events, presented lots of awards from Hero certificates, to county recognition, Long Service, Region Awards and Laurel Brooches .

Our 50th Birthday celebrations did somewhat change from our initial plans but wow what a Buzz we created with our Buzz about Anglia challenge. with a sleep over too and finishing with an Amazing Birthday party. Such great memories.

We want to thank so many people and we don’t want to list them, in case we miss out a name or two. But a HUGE BIG THANK YOU to all our lead volunteers who have been part of the team, our county commissioners, and our staff team within the region, without all of these people, none of what we have achieved, experienced, and enjoyed would have happened. We also want to thank you to all of you for your support and friendship. So to all of members from myself and Andrea, Thank you

As always, take and and keep smiling