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Blog / March 26th, 2020


Supporting our members during COVID-19

Strange times.

We are indeed in very strange times, please look after yourselves and reach out to one another. Things are changing daily, with advice and guidance affecting ourselves, our families, our friends, our work and our guiding lives. We need to do things differently and we will find ways to do so over the coming weeks.

At a region level, we have postponed events intending to put these on later in the year. We must keep guiding going throughout this time and by finding innovative ways to support our fellow members virtually, these ways need to be safe and delivered safely and keep the integrity of our programme.

I thought as a way to inspire others, it would be nice for me to share what I am doing with my guides at the moment. As a team we have sent the Guides a postcard to keep in touch, a postcard is visible so that parents can see what is written. We are then collating ideas of badges the Guides can achieve from home and setting a challenge to complete them. I have seen so many amazing posts from our members sharing ideas on Facebook, we are so all creative and resourceful.

Although we are not physically meeting, remember that guiding will always be a platform of support and friendships will remain. Speak with fellow guiding friends if not face to face, pick up the phone, chat via messenger or FaceTime each other. Let’s keep in touch and keep guiding.

Keep smiling, Tracy