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Blog / May 28th, 2021

Data Protection Review and Refresh

Data Protection Review and Refresh

As we start to return to some level of normality after the pandemic, we thought it was a good time to refresh everyone on some of the key requirements of GDPR so we can ensure we remain compliant against the guidelines.

Data protection is as vital now as it has ever been.

‘The EU GDPR has been written into UK legislation by the Withdrawal Act as the UK GDPR. The EU Exit Regulations applied technical amendments to make the GDPR work in a UK context, but the principles and rules are essentially unchanged. The UK government is committed to maintaining the same high standards of data protection.’- ICO website Jan 2021

The impact of Covid has meant that perhaps GDPR has fallen down our list of priorities, but we must remain compliant and ensure we can always evidence that we have the 7 data principles at the centre of all we do.

The 7 data principles of GDPR – are you following best practise? Can you evidence this? Follow the link to refresh yourself with these key principles of data protection.



Can you remember when you last did your GDPR e-learning? Girlguiding recommend all members and paid staff do this every 2-3 years.

Please encourage all your networks to do the e-learning if they haven’t completed it recently.


A great document from Girlguiding to refresh yourselves with is ‘Resources to support you with GDPR’.

The last bullet point has in depth information on how to report a data breach or a subject access request, which is vital for volunteers to know.

The managing information policy and unit retention schedule documents are also worth a read.

Plus if you need to remind yourself about permissions for photos and sharing them, then please take a look at the sharing photos and videos advice.

If you’re concerned about data protection or need further advice you can contact Girlguiding or