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Blog / December 20th, 2021

Girlguiding Anglia & RSPB Partnership

Our Partnership with the RSPB

Girlguiding Anglia are delighted to be working in partnership with RSPB in 2022!

RSPB are the largest nature conservation charity in the UK, inspiring everyone to give nature a home and secure a healthy environment for wildlife.

“The aim of this partnership is to encourage our members to explore nature and have outdoor adventures. We are fortunate to have a number of RSPB reserves across the region, and hope that our members will feel encouraged to visit them throughout this coming year and beyond. Enjoying the outdoors and caring for the environment is something we are all passionate about and this partnership enables us to work together to raise awareness and support the world around us.” – Region Chief Commissioner, Tracy Foster.

Why not check out which reserves are in or around your county? Click here to find out what reserve is near you: Nature Reserves UK | Nature Walks Near You – The RSPB

There are plenty of fun activities you can do for this which are located in the activity packs. There are 2 activity packs that you can download:

-Together with Nature Together with Nature Activity Pack | Girlguiding Anglia (

-Brilliant Birds Brilliant Birds Activity Pack | Girlguiding Anglia (

Within these packs, there are variety of activities you can do outdoors, suitable for different ages and sections. To accompany the Brilliant Birds activity pack, there are Bingo Bird Spotting sheets available for every season! Whether you are outdoors looking for Robins in the Winter, or a Buzzard in the Summer – there is plenty to find and discover! These are available in the RSPB download page on our website, where you can find a sheet for every season:

Category: RSPB Partnership | Girlguiding Anglia (

If you don’t have time to complete the whole activity pack in one go, there is a downloadable 2022 Calendar Activity resource available. The aim of the calendar is to spotlight an activity for each month that has been extracted from various areas of each activity pack; ‘Together with Nature’ and ‘Brilliant Birds’. This is a quick digestible way to complete elements of the activity pack, helping you to earn the all important badges! This is an ideal unit filler, as most of these activities last around 20 minutes. You can download this calendar here: RSPB Activity Calendar | Girlguiding Anglia (

However you may chose to take part in these nature activities, you can collect your badges through filling out these online forms, where an order can be made. These are available here:

RSPB Badge Ordering | Girlguiding Anglia (

Spending time outdoors provides plenty of benefits including improving sensory skills, promoting mindfulness and expanding knowledge of what nature has to offer. As always, we love hearing from you, so please do send or share any photos or stories of what you get up to for this partnership, as we would love to see our region spending more time outdoors in 2022 and feel connected to nature!

To see more about RSPB click here:

Join us – RSPB Membership

To visit our RSPB download section click here:

Category: RSPB Partnership | Girlguiding Anglia (

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