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Blog / January 26th, 2022

Girlguiding Inspire

What is Girlguiding Inspire? 

Anyone aged 18-30 in any Girlguiding role is automatically part of Girlguiding Inspire. It is a community where young women can choose their own path. It is flexible Girlguiding with fun and friendship at the heart of it. Whether you’re looking to take on adventures like GOLD (Guiding Overseas Linked with Development) or building skills, for example, developing leadership skills through completing a leadership qualification or simply having fun with new friends. It’s all about enjoying the journey, developing skills, and being part of unforgettable experiences.

What can you do as part of Girlguiding Inspire?

Girlguiding Inspire focuses on seven pathways and two themes. These pathways are adventure and challenge; beyond the UK; events experience; sharing skills; leading the way; developing others as well as voice and action. One of the themes is ‘learning and awards’ which focuses on challenging yourself with a course, qualification or award from completing Girlguiding training/ e-learning to completing your Queen’s Guide award, the highest award you can work towards in guiding. The second theme is ‘just for me’ focusing on increasing membership opportunities. If you aren’t able to volunteer on a regular basis, you can still make an impact in a supporting role. No commitment is too small and will make a difference for example being an administrator or being a residential helper.

You can follow one particular pathway or mix and match to create a new path just for you! I have had the privilege to get involved with some of these pathways from completing my Brownies and Guides leadership qualification (leading the way) to leading peer education sessions (developing others) and I’m currently completing my second GOLD journey (beyond the UK).

Within my county, Buckinghamshire, we have run virtual socials from quizzes to escape rooms, a great way to spend time getting to know others in the county and share Guiding experiences. Furthermore, from looking at the Girlguiding Inspire social media platforms, I have joined in with a virtual camp. It was a great way to meet others across the country and to try out activities I could do with my own units as well as supporting someone to achieve their Queen’s Guide Award.

As a Girlguiding Inspire member myself and champion for Girlguiding Inspire Buckinghamshire I enjoy seeing all the opportunities available to suit all interests.

To find out more about the pathways and themes, visit

How can you find out about the different opportunities?

Nationally, there is a ‘Girlguiding Inspire – UK and BGO’ Facebook page and ‘girlguidinginspire’ Instagram page you can join. Regionally, there is a Girlguiding Inspire Anglia Facebook page and many counties have their own Girlguiding Inspire Facebook page. These are great platforms to see all the incredible opportunities available for Girlguiding Inspire members. These include different camps you can be a part of regionally and nationally and virtual sessions you can join – how about learn a new skill? Some regions have their own challenge badges you can do. Who doesn’t love a badge?

Not on social media? Girlguiding Inspire Anglia has its own website page – If you have any questions about Girlguiding Inspire/ want to find out more, email

There are opportunities available for everyone!

How can you support?

Spread the word about Girlguiding Inspire! If you know anyone aged 18-30 or nearing the age in any Girlguiding role, tell them about it. Also, if you have any opportunities available from local to international level that Girlguiding Inspire can get involved with, get in touch with your county inspire champion. We look forward to hearing from you!

Let’s spread the word about Girlguiding Inspire and create many more amazing memories!