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Blog / May 28th, 2024

Inspire pathways

This month’s pathway is ‘leading the way’ which is all about developing leadership skills. There are so many amazing leaders within Girlguiding helping girls from 4-18 year olds to try new things and reach their potential. But building leadership skills, is not just for the girls, it can be really empowering for you too.

Being a unit leader isn’t the only way we can be ‘leading the way’, you could try leading a one-off activity in your specialist subject with a unit or on a pack holiday. If working with adults is more up your street, you could look at any county roles that are available where you can support volunteers to improve their own guiding experience.

Leadership skills can give you greater confidence, improve the way you communicate, and can help to inspire others to take initiative and make better decisions for themselves as well as for others around them.

If you’re from Hertfordshire, and would like to take part in creating a new and exciting Inspire challenge, where you can meet other Inspire members and share adventures together, contact the Inspire team on