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Blog / September 17th, 2021

Support our ‘leading light’ Fiona

One thing that I pride myself on is that I lead by example. I never expect someone to take on a role or task that I would not or have not at least tried myself when it falls within my capabilities or offers a challenge for me to rise to. At Wellies and Wristbands in 2016 the then Chief Guide challenged us all to do something for the first time, so I climbed up and jumped off of the trapeze at Foxlease…I was really scared of the jump but there were guides watching, so I jumped and of course, loved it, if only there had been time to go again.

During September and October, the theme for the Buzz about Anglia challenge is ‘Bee a Leading light’ so, here’s my chance to lead by example again. I am always encouraging others to step out of their comfort zone, to challenge themselves, to give something new ago, so, I’m running 2 half marathons. 1 reason it’s a big challenge for me is that I only started running in Feb 2019 with a very slow couch 2 5K.

I’m telling you because I’m doing it for Girlguiding Anglia to raise awareness and funds. We all need to shout out about the brilliant work Girlguiding does and by that, I mean you and I. We are the organisation and more than ever we need to tell people how wonderful we are and encourage more people to get involved.

On Sunday 17th October I’ll be running the Oxford half marathon, this is mostly a flat course and on roads I know really well as I live here. On Sunday 21st November I’m running the Conwy half marathon which is far from flat as it includes running up the Great Orm, I have been there before but way before I was running anywhere; I went up on the tram and I suspect the weather will be far from the sunny day I had for that tram ride.

I love running, I love Girlguiding so putting these 2 things together just makes sense and I hope you’ll share with others what I am doing, perhaps they and you can add a few pennies and pounds to my fundraising total.